Monday, December 31, 2012


Happy New Year's Eve, everyone!

Wow... where did December go? Where did this year go? It's so amazing to me how time can go so slowly, and so quickly, all at once.

I've had such a busy, whirlwind December. And, I probably need to dedicate a post just to December alone. There are a million pictures to share- especially since I became a member of Instagram. (Follow me @ lindsaypics!)

But for today, I'm just basking in that one special day a year when you can really wipe the slate clean. Begin again. Start fresh.

2012 for me can probably be summed up in one word: closure.

I thought, initially, I would describe it as a year of change. Because it certainly has been. But along with all of that change has come an amazing sense of closure in a lot of areas in my life.

I have spent a lot of hours in my house, on the river, on the road, reflecting on some of those areas of change and closure.

Relationships. I realized perception isn't everything, and sometimes people do change. Some for the worse, and some for the much, much better. I've learned to let my guard down and raise my standards, all at once. I've found closure and healing and hope, all at once.

Jobs. I've had two this year. I started the year with a company where I built so much- both professionally and personally. And I'm ending the year with a job that has a very bright future for me. Both, incredible blessings. Again, closure- one door shutting, another bright window opening.

Faith. God has opened my eyes to myself this year. I've looked some big insecurities right in the face- and overcome them. Growing, learning, some days on top of the world, and others so very, very humbled.

In years past, I've done a series of blog posts about my resolutions for 2013. And this year, instead of making another "to-do" list, I'm just keeping it generic. There are certainly some goals I would like to achieve this year- but I also am so looking forward to seeing where 2013 takes me. I have a feeling it's going to be a great, big year- and I just want to go along for the ride.

2012; a year of change, closure, growth.
2013: a year to see where all of that change, closure and growth leads.

Have a wonderful New Year's Eve!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Don't Cry Because It's Over

Trying not to cry that the weekend is already over.
I was so looking forward to this weekend! And it flew by.
But, I got a ton of stuff done. Don't you feel better about Monday morning when you've had a productive weekend?
Sheets?  Washed.
Laundry? Done.
Floors? Cleaned.
Pantry cupboard? Stocked.
It all started Friday... with a little Starbucks, a little blogging and Facebooking and tweeting.

Then, a party at my best friend's parents' house Saturday night. Lots of good food, wine. Friends for 10 years... and counting!

And naturally, there was some couch time. Maizy is a remote hog.

Plus, a little coffee- and a dash of Bailey's--- for an afternoon snack.
Productive weekend. Quick, but productive.
And there's no time to slow down! I leave for Denver on Friday for a sorority training weekend. Then... it's my Christmas week with the family!
Despite the busy, hectic & frazzle- I'm trying to remember the reason for the season and soak it all in before I wake up and it's 2013!
Have a great week!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Enjoy Home

Happy Friday!
I hope you've had a great week. Mine has been a touch long, a tad stressful, and a teensy bit.... expensive. (Yes, the water heater. What we pay for hot water, good grief.)
But--- it's Friday!  And this weekend, I have one major goal: enjoy home.
I know that probably sounds weird. But this is the last weekend before Christmas- and one of the last weekends in December- I will actually be in Tulsa. I'm heading to Denver next weekend with my sorority, then I'll be out of town celebrating Christmas with the family.
Well, "Early Christmas" is what we're calling it. I'll be working Christmas Eve/Day!
Anyway, enjoy home. That's what I want to do this weekend. Play catch-up, make the house clean, spend time with Maizy, run & bike on my trails. Have a little too much wine with my best friend. Just enjoy home.
Also- do you Instagram? I'm a new fan--- and I snapped a few pictures this week.

Runner Girl. I will rock my pink "lake" sunglasses as long as possible.
Perfect weather, perfect Oklahoma sunsets. One of my favorite things about this state.

A trouble-maker and "helper." I'm about to buy my second iPhone power cord this WEEK because she keeps chewing them up.

Friday bliss. Blogs, coffee, email, Facebook, more coffee.

Enjoy home.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cold Showers

I've had to take two freezing cold showers in the past two days.

My water heater pilot light went out. And after numerous attempts on my end to fix it- and my dad patiently walking his OCD daughter through the steps a thousand times to ensure my house didn't explode- still, no cigar.

I know people say it's part of owning a house. It's part of being an adult. This is what we do! We work hard and earn a paycheck so we can pay our bills... and fix things. And sometimes squeeze in a little bit of fun.

Lately, it seems like that "fun" is replaced with one grown-up, adult to-do item after another. The water heater is last- but certainly not THE last- in a long line of fix-its this year including four tires, brake pads, a dead mouse removal... and a partridge in a pear tree?!

So, naturally, I've thrown the ultimate pity party. There are days it seems hard and daunting and overwhelming to be "on your own"- even though I have tons of friends and an amazing family who is always there to help.

And some days, I can't believe it have to DO IT ALL. Like, pay the bills AND get an oil change AND make an appetizer for a party AND do the laundry/clean the house/call the insurance agent AND work all day, like, full-time?!

Pity party, table for 1.

The reality is- I'm a grown-up who still needs to throw an occasional temper tantrum.

And then, once that temper tantrum is over, I'm overwhelmed with a new sensation- how lucky, how blessed am I that these are my troubles?

That usually quiets the whine pretty fast.

Because the truth is, I'm blessed beyond measure. Everything always works out. I have a support system that is unmatched.

In fact- the only thing I'm missing? A hot shower.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Spirit

Hello readers! Are you getting into the Christmas spirit? It seems to arrive earlier and earlier every year- but I don't mind. We only get to celebrate the season for a quick month; let it begin as early as possible!

I've been so terrible about updating my blog this year. There are so many times I sit down to write, and it seems like there's either too much to say, or not enough. Do you ever feel that way? But- I decided to stop feeling *guilty* about not updating it, too.

In fact, the last couple of months, I've worked on letting go of a lot of guilt and worry. I am the QUEEN at both of those things. I constantly worry. And the worrying constantly leads to some sort of guilt on my end. Am I a good enough friend, daughter, Christian? Am I doing a good job at work? And that's just scratching the surface!

We all feel it to some degree. But I've had to really focus on letting go of a lot of that. Because, at a certain point, you freeze up. It's hard to make decisions, or even enjoy what's happening around you, because of what could happen.

Enough of that. And the good news- I have a savior who *wants to take on all of my doubts, fears and worries. Thank goodness for that! And what an amazing gift, to know we aren't in this alone. That my worries don't add a single day to my life. That there is a big picture I need to have complete faith in.

Giving it all up- allows me to enjoy my life. The world seems a bit more beautiful. I take a little more time to soak it in while I'm driving (often, these days) or biking, or running. I enjoy my family and friends more, my work more. And I'm easier on myself, which is a good thing.

Even though it's 70 degrees in Oklahoma, let's bring on the Christmas music and decorations and cheer!

It's never too early to celebrate the greatest gift of all.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Many Thanks

I think November is quickly taking the place of October as my favorite month. November means the heater and warm socks come on at night, and the short sleeves can come out- at least for an hour or two- during the day. November means my tree in front is a vibrant, beautiful red. November means family, friends, turkey. November means swapping iced coffee for almond amaretto latte at Quiktrip, sweet white wine for red.

November is a good month.

And, if you know much about the inner-workings of TV, that's saying a lot. Because November is also one of the most stressful months in television! It's a ratings month, or "sweeps." Meaning... every viewer counts. Meaning... every story has to be perfect. Meaning... long hours, lots of pressure.

Throw in three apartment fires, two meth lab busts, an election- and a partridge in a pear tree!- and it's almost too much to handle.

Almost. Good thing everything else about November balances it out!

So, needless to say, it's been a busy month. It's been a busy year! For everyone, it seems. But as we inch closer to Thanksgiving, my heart is bursting with thanks and blessings and gratitude.

Thankful for my family, my friends. Thankful for health. Thankful for a job that I enjoy- that pays my bills, and allows me to get a new iPhone when I drop mine and it shatters into a bazillion pieces on the driveway. :) Thankful for a wild cat who keeps me on my toes, a home that keeps me safe, a car that's almost paid off. A heavenly father who fills all the open places when it seems like something might be missing.

Thankful for a mom who bugs me to update my blog. :)

Lots of thanks this week!  Turkey day... hurry up!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

October In Pictures

October was a busy month! I was out of town about as much as I was in town.
I met up with (most of) my family in Norman for Homecoming. I'm not sure why, but I love this picture of my sister and I. I sort of think it describes us perfectly! We're probably concerned about the grass at the moment. Always concerned.

But always ready to smile!

My friend Lauren at I at our 10 year high school reunion! Time flies! SO thankful for friends who I still love and cherish 10 years later. (That includes a few favorites who couldn't make it to the reunion!)

I love this picture. First of all- that pillow! My favorite. Second, Maizy. She is so big and sassy these days. Her face says it all.

My friend Micah and I tried out a new bar Friday night- Valkyrie. SO good! This chalkboard was full of weird, amazing drinks. Micah and I decided we will visit once a month to try new drinks on the board.

Her mint julep (left), my Final Ward. My drink was bourbon... a maraschino cherry... and that's all I can remember. GOOD.

Maizy, again. Her favorite blanket, her favorite toy. Again with the attitude. This girl loves pictures.

The Churchill Room, White Lion. It's a British pub here in town- and you have to reserve The Churchill Room. Which we did. It was lovely. We ate dinner (chicken & mushroom pot pie, known here as The Devonshire) followed by a few blissful hours in cozy chairs, drinking wine.
I'm trying to take more pictures these days... but I still have an iPhone with NO flash. Can you believe it? :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Quest for Clarity

Happy November, everyone! Honestly, it's a little weird logging on, sitting down to write. It's been SO long. Blogging really seemed to take a back seat this year. So much going on! But it's more than just being busy.

I've said it before, this has been such a year of growth for me. But the past few months have certainly stretched me in new ways. I've had a restless heart. I've done a lot of thinking and praying and wondering and searching about what's "next" for me. And, when the answers don't come quickly or easily- I get frustrated.

So, it's hard to put that into words. It's hard to sit down and write about my day, my thoughts, my hopes & dreams- when it all seems a little confusing.

And the irony of that! I write words for other people for a living. But sometimes I struggle so much putting my own words to paper.

But I've started to have a bit more clarity lately. And, what the heck- even when I don't have clarity, I need to write it out. That's just part of my make-up.

At my high school reunion last weekend (um, yeah- 10 years!) my friend Lauren said to me... "God is so much bigger than your situation." Or something like that. :) The point being... God is big enough to work on me, in me, in my current set of circumstances. That was so powerful to me- and quieted a voice nagging at me for quite some time, wondering if I was in the right place in life... physically.

And then I realized, I was at the right place emotionally and spiritually too. Not perfect, not full of clarity. Just at the right spot. With just enough clarity to keep searching and seeking.

So, that's me- today, in November of 2012! I love my life. I know I'm where I'm supposed to be- physically, mentally, spiritually. The road is not clear, the answers are not always forthcoming. But I know I need to keep moving forward, keep my heart and eyes open. And just live for today.

I don't have it all figured out. And I'm learning to be OK with that. Now, I just have to assume you guys are OK with that, too!

Then maybe the words will come a bit more freely. :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Life Update

Happy Friday! It's been a few minutes since I posted- but it's been a busy week and a half!

Last weekend, I spent a much needed two days in Plano. I sat around and talked with my parents, laughed with my sister, ate good food (Whiskey Cake in Plano? New favorite...) and ran around the neighborhood a few times. So relaxing. The only thing missing? My brothers! They are both home this weekend for OU/TX. Hate missing them, but we'll be in Norman in a few weeks.

A few weeks- when it's November! I've said it a million times in 2012- and I'll resolve not to say it as much in 2013- but where did this year go?! It flew by. But I'm so ready for the holiday season. Ready to be with my family & friends and bask in the blessings of the year.

Blessings of the year- they've been heavy on my heart this week. My brother learned devastating news about a good friend of his. She lost half of her family in a plane crash. Her dad and two brothers, leaving just the girls- her sister and mother- alive. My brother has grieved for her all week. And, in turn, we all have too. It's too close for comfort when something like that happens- and it's such a tragedy, it just shocks your system. I've cried for people I don't know- and for the fear of losing people I love most. That's where faith is so crucial, right? Here's a link to their Facebook page- if you want to read more about it.

Read  more about it- that seems to be the news motto. I can officially say I'm once again fully immersed in the world of TV news. I left for four years- and it took about six months to get it's hooks back in me. I watch, read, scroll- whatever you want to call it- news every day. I consume it like I consume coffee. And I'm starting to take ownership of "my" show. It's not the show I inherited anymore, or the one I jumped into after a bad layoff. It's mine. Back off. :)

So I thought I was going to back off from training for a while. I thought wrong. And I should have known better. How can I not run, when it's beautiful and 60 degrees outside?! My bike and running shoes have been calling my name. So maybe I'm not training for a big race- but I'm still hitting the pavement daily.  I guess it's just what I need- and love.

So there's a quick novel update for you! Busy, busy, busy- but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Have a fantastic Friday! And BOOMER SOONER!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Adventure Girl

Oh boy, do I need an adventure.

After reading "Wild" (see previous blog post)- it seems that every travel, fitness, sport everything is calling out to me.

The travel books on my shelf- Spain, Africa, Germany- seem to be leaping out at me.

My "Backroads" catalog- beckoning me to pick a trip, bike through Austin, hike through Alaska, canoe through Argentina.

I don't know if they canoe in Argentina; I was just going with the alliteration.

In fact- I was on a political website yesterday and "Backroads" was the sponsor!

Not a coincidence. A full-blown sign.

Every now and then, I feel the strongest urge to pack up everything I own and set off on the greatest adventure of all. Move to Spain and write a novel, blog for Compassion International, start a traveling production company, see the world.

I think it's more than an adventure I need. I think I'm still figuring out what God's calling me to do. And- it's a hard sensation to grapple with. Because on one hand, I love my life so fully. I'm content and happy and I know I'm where I'm supposed to be.

But lately, I know there's something else. I feel like I'm on the edge of a big change. And whether it's physically going somewhere or not, I know it's coming.

In the meantime, those travel books beckon. Those adventure catalogs keep coming in the mail. I keep applying to blog on a Compassion trip, and I am constantly crunching plane ticket prices- to anywhere.

I'm also living in the present, right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma- in the walls of this house I love so much.

I've read enough fairy tales to know sometimes the adventure is a world away; and sometimes it's right in your own back yard.

I guess I need to be ready for both!

Sunday, September 30, 2012


I'm a voracious reader. And when I pick up a book that I like, and get immersed in, I will typically read it in 24 hours. Or, a long weekend, if it's a particularly long book.
That's kind of how I felt about "Wild"- although that wasn't initially the case.
I downloaded a sample of the book on my iPad weeks ago, after seeing it on the New York Times top 10 list for a while. And reading just the sample made my heart hurt and made me cry. It hit a little too close to home- and so I decided I didn't want to read it. I reached the final sample page, where it prompts you to "buy"- and I said no thank you. Book, shut.
But every time I looked at my library, I saw this boot. And every time I looked at the NYT list, I saw "Wild." And finally- I'm embarrassed to say- the camel that broke the straw's back: Reese Witherspoon is going to make it into a movie.
OK. Sold.
I returned to that "buy" page- and buy I did.
That was Friday; it's now Sunday, and the book is shut, because I finished it. I devoured it. I went to church today with puffy eyes from crying.
In my opinion, books fall into levels. There are the mindless reads. There are the books that you keep coming back to, because you love the characters- like catching up with an old friend. There are the books you never touch again- because they impacted you in such a strong way, you can never relive them. There are the books that find their way to Half Price books, and the ones that will collect dust on your bookshelf for eternity, never to be parted with.
This is one of my favorite books to date. It's a memoir; it's hilarious at times, at gut-wrenching at others. And today, I woke up with questions in my head, images from scenes I read. A secret wish that the author was still hiking the trail that the book centers around- even though she isn't.
I'm a sucker for the journey, for adventure, for heartache, for the need to be alone and the need to be surrounded by loved ones. And sometimes, someone else's words and experiences speak so closely to your heart, that you just absorb all of them.
I'd tell you to read this book, but not because it's easy. If you're like me, you'll find yourself in front of a mirror with a few challenges for yourself.
So, that's my review! Take it or leave it. Sample, or "buy." I had to share my thoughts on it while it's fresh on the brain! :)
Any other good books out there to devour?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Obviously, I'm a lover of words. I love writing them, I love speaking them, I love reading them.

And- I feel like what we say to people- whether we're writing them or texting them or talking to them- is SO important. It makes such a big difference.

I work in a stressful business. And I find that sometimes, it's easier to find the "what's wrong" than point out the "what went right."

Isn't that true in life, too? It seems easier to give someone "constructive criticism" than encouragement. It's easier to tell your loved one what you need from them, instead of what you can give. It's easier to complain, than initiate real change.

I'm trying to be aware of that these days. Giving encouragement. Because everyone needs to know what they're doing right. I think we're all too aware of our faults.

Sometimes- being the one to encourage means you're left a little empty. You need someone to do the encouraging right back- and that doesn't always happen right away.

But then you read something- a blog post, a passage- and you feel encouraged. Your dreams feel validated. The things you're patiently waiting for- that just seem a bit far away- feel a little closer to reality.

You spend a little time in prayer, and you find fulfillment and encouragement that is lasting. And you hold onto it, really tightly.

You go for a run or a bike ride and remember that you're strong, that you've got it together (most days, ha!) and give thanks that you're healthy.

Encouragement comes in a lot of different forms.

For me, I'm going to keep handing out those positive words. There's a bit of a shortage; and I plan to make up for it in my little corner of the world.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Comfort Zone Shake-Ups

I'm trying to get into a new Fall routine. And so far, so good.

I still work out every day or every other day, but not quite so intensely. No big races to train for until 2013!

(Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving not included. Any race that includes copious amounts of food and a big nap later on are OK in my book.)

I'm also treating myself on Friday's with a walk to Starbucks in the morning. I sit out on their patio, read a book on my iPad, and enjoy a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Yes, I know. Sounds pretty good right about now.

But I'm also finding that I need that little... spark of challenge. For someone who doesn't like change, I sure do love those butterflies that come with doing something out of the ordinary.

I'm trying to expand myself in different ways right now. Falling into a new routine, and pushing myself at the same time.

I'm on a committee for my sorority that- so far- has been so much fun. In the coming months, I'll get to travel to Kansas City, Boston & Denver. New people to work with, presenting topics in front of a group. Right up my alley- and a challenge, too.

I'm also contemplating joining the Tulsa Bicycle Group (let's hope they don't laugh me off the road!) and picking up my never-ending quest for a church home.

Routine and change. Comfort and challenge. Stability and shake-ups.

I'm finding that I like a mix of both. I need a mix of both.

It's certainly shaping the way I see 2013, too. I already know I'll go into next year with less fear, fewer reservations, and more closure. And I think that's a good foundation for some big, exciting new challenges. In fact, that's my greatest hope for the next year- that I push myself out of my comfort zone.

Because I have a gut feeling that some great rewards are on the other side of those challenges.

2013! Getting ahead of myself here. For now, let's get through the week! And look forward to that Pumpkin Spice Latte on Friday. :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Update

I spent the weekend in Arkansas, and loved every second of it!

Well... maybe not Arkansas getting killed in their football game. And we can't even speak of OU's loss.

Bad football weekend.

But! I had so much fun with my mom, sister and youngest brother. It was "family weekend" at the University of Arkansas. So, we family'd it up.

Arkansas has one of the prettiest stadiums ever. The view just can't be beat. To the left of this photo- the Ozark mountains. Makes we want to hike, ride my bike, cliff-dive! (Brother... invite your cool older sister next time!)


We were up in the nosebleed section, with a perfect view of the sunset and wind in our hair.
We all had a great time. We stopped at the fraternity house for a beer, watched the game, ate dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings (to watch both teams lose) and crashed at our hotel in Bentonville.
By the way, if ever I move to Arkansas... I'm living in Bentonville.
Sunday, we ate at Denny's... and I took a conference call in a McDonald's parking lot in Springdale, Arkansas before heading home.
Glamorous life! :)
Monday came fast. I'm not sure I'm quite ready for another long week; but it's here, whether we like it or not!
Hope you all had a great weekend! I'm off to squeeze in a run and buy pet food before heading into work.
Life; still glamorous! :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Farewell, Summer

I can't believe I'm actually going to say this- but I'm a little sad summer is ending.

Summer is, by far, my least favorite season. Hot, sticky, never-ending. And there's something about kids not being in school that just makes it seem like such a transition season. One we just have to get on the other side of, quickly.

And maybe all of those reasons are why I've always loved Fall. It feels more... stable. Even though it's the most fleeting season (at least in Oklahoma)- Fall marks the beginning of new. We've made it through the miserable summer, now we can have some fun. Cool mornings, warm coffee, heater off and on. College football. Starbucks. I love fall.

But this year- I am honestly sad to see the summer go. Maybe because I spent more time this summer enjoying each day instead of wishing the time away. Maybe it's because this summer, in particular, held so much challenge and change for me. A new job, intense race training, a best friend's wedding.

So much life- rolled into just a few months!

It was a good summer. And so much more than just a "transition" season this year.

I'm ready for Fall. For those cool mornings and warm drinks. For scarves- and yes, maybe a little stability.

But I'm also finding that maybe change- doesn't affect me the way it used to. Maybe when you experience SO much change- you kind of get used to it. Even embrace it in a way. Especially when you find yourself better on the other side.

Am I actually embracing change?

I guess there's nothing like ushering in a new season.... to find out.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hopes & Wishes

I wrote this post yesterday, but it wouldn't post! So now you can enjoy it today. :) Happy Wednesday!

I've decided life isn't going to get *less* busy.... so I may as well just tote my laptop with me wherever I go! I can bank-on-the-go.... checklist-on-the-go.... and naturally, blog-on-the-go!

So today, I'm at the car shop getting two new front tires for my car. This comes after getting two new back tires about a month ago, along with new brake pads.

And, what the heck. I threw in an oil change today, too. Because... at this point... why not?!

I know I sometimes blog about this whole "being an adult" thing. Sometimes, it's so wonderful and glorious.

Here are times I love being an adult:
-when my house is clean
-when a meal is cooking in the crock pot, and I think: yay! I'm domestic!
-when I have "people over"
-when my lawn is mowed
-when my car gets washed
-when I get a paycheck

Here are times I loathe being an adult:
-when my house is messy
-when I only have Healthy Choice meals in the freezer
-when I stress about having "people over"
-when my lawn looks like a raggedy mess and there's a giant tree limb covering my backyard
-when my car needs four new tires, new brake pads and an oil change
-when my paycheck goes to cleaning, groceries, lawn and car care

I know, I know. We all have our "lists." Being an adult is just a mixed bag of fun and freedom.... and rules and responsibilities.

But then I think- what a blessing it all is! That house, that paycheck. Even that tree limb. It's all just life, and it's worth embracing every second, every day.

And sometimes, in the midst of all of this "adult" business- we can have our child-like hopes and wishes, too.

I'm pretty sure that magic fairy is on her way right now to remove the tree limb from my backyard.

Hopes and wishes, right?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bumps, Bruises, Bikes & Blogs

You know when you stop doing something for so long... you're not sure how to get started again?

Hi! I'm Lindsay. And I stopped blogging... and didn't know how to start again.

So much... life!... happened.  So many experiences, so many memories, so many challenges and triumphs and daily-grind-things happened.

How do you pick back up? Where do you start?

But, I guess it's like riding a bike. Sometimes you just have to jump back on- and trust that those muscles just kick in.

My writing muscles are getting plenty of work. I forgot what it's like to write, write, write all day long... for a living. Did you know I write anywhere from 24 to 28 stories a day? That may not seem like a lot- but it all adds up to about 40 minutes of words.  40 minutes of listening- takes an entire day of writing.

And, I'm just loving it. I forgot what it's like- to enjoy working every day. It's not something to take for granted.

Speaking of jumping on that old bicycle- my leg muscles have gotten plenty of work, too. I've spent a lot of time on my bike the past few months. And running. And swimming. I finished my last sprint triathlon of the year last weekend- my first "open water" lake swim to boot- and it was SO intense!

But if there's anything I've learned in 2012- it's that the toughest uphill climbs- both on the bike and off- are the most rewarding at the end of the day.

All this to say- life is good! I'm proud that 9 months into a year with more than a few struggles- I'm still standing strong, crossing the finish line.

And I know there's nothing I can't tackle. A few bumps, bruises and broken hearts might happen along the way. And the blog posts- may not come easily.

But- it's all just like riding a bike. Right?

Sunday, August 26, 2012


If you're wondering who this impostor is, actually blogging on Lindsay's Lounge...

It's me! It really is!

I'm sorry for the mid-summer's..... nap. I haven't blogged in weeks- and it hasn't been for lack of wanting to. I have been running non-stop for several weeks now- and this is my first weekend to sit back and actually process life a little bit.

I've jumped on here so many times in the past few weeks to say a quick hello- but it always seems scattered and rushed.

So, here I am. With updates!


-Went home to Plano for a weekend to spend time with my brothers before they headed back to college. We ate, we swam, we laughed. Great weekend.

-Dentist appointments, vet appointments (yikes, a post in itself), new shoes for my car and new brake pads. It's been a busy month of "life" stuff.

-I was selected to be on a "Presentation Team" for my sorority- Gamma Phi Beta! I applied a few months ago, had a skype interview, and now I'm one of 13 women who gets to travel the country, making presentations to Gamma Phis in different regions. (Hello, Boston!)

-My freelance projects are picking up steam faster than ever. Can't share too much yet- but we're doing some exciting things!

-My final Sprint Triathlon of 2012 is a week from this coming Saturday. My training has been slower for this race; I've had a lot of days where I put "training" aside and just run or bike or the joy of it. I can tell I need a little break after this race where I'm not training for anything!

.... And I'm doing all of this in my free-time, when I'm not having fun at FOX! (Ha!) My full-time job is going so well. Three months in, and I'm feeling more confident & comfortable than ever. I work with some fun, talented people- always a plus.

One final note- lately, I've been working hard to find a little extra joy in every day. My days are filled with plenty of promise and challenge and excitement and laughter; but sometimes, I think it's important to remember the joy- the things we can come back to day after day.

Lately, that joy has been working hard all day; and coming home at night to my house, my world, and just soaking it in. A job (jobs) I love; people I love; a home I love. And a savior to give thanks to. Life can't get much better than that!

Hope you've had a happy August! I think my favorite season is inching closer and closer....

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Burnout

I can tell that summer is starting to wear me out. You know that critical turning point where a new season- it doesn't matter which one- just needs to begin? Because you're over the last season?

I'm over summer. The heat, the fires. The heat. And, the heat.

But like I said the other day- more and more hints of fall are starting to appear. Those cool breezes are happening more frequently. My a/c is even "off" when I wake up in the morning! No more 24/7 cooling in this house. Good signs.

My final sprint triathlon of 2012 is exactly one month away. One month from yesterday! This will be my last tri of the year. Knowing this has helped me push forward a bit harder in my training; and it's also nice to know that as of September 9th... I will exercise just for the heck of it. Take a break from "training"--- for a few months at least.

I have some new projects on the horizon that are SO exciting to me. Things that allow me to get to do some traveling! (YAY!) And things that really stretch my brain and creative juices. How cool is that? I promise to share more details when I can.

But this fall- and winter- will be an exciting time. Not just the seasons changing- and a break from the training circuit- but trips to Norman and Fayetteville for- oh yeah- college football! I also have my 10-year high school reunion (yikes)... my six month "anniversary" of working at FOX... and a trip to a state where there will most certainly be some snow!

For now, there's still at least eight more weeks of heat... and four more weeks of training. Guess I'll buckle down and enjoy the last bits of summer!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Let It Go

Sometimes, being an adult scares me so much. Most days- I can coast by, just doing my thing, running around town, busy to-do list. And other days, it's almost paralyzing. Paying bills, scheduling routine doctors appointments, vet check-ups. Car troubles, home repairs. Heart repairs.

It's easy to push it aside most days, but sometimes a little thought from the back corner of my brain pops up and reminds me how easy it would be- is- to lose it all.

That's what happens when we hold onto things too tightly- you know? When we put all of our eggs in one basket, so to speak. Life throws us curve balls. We lose jobs, we lose pets, we lose relationships. We gain faith and strength and a more solid sense of peace in the process. Give and take.

Someone told me the other day that we have to "let it go" daily. Isn't that so true? Let go of the fears and what-ifs. Let go of whatever is holding us back. That's the only way to live life, is to face the risks and heartache head-on.

It's in my nature to worry about things when everything is going perfectly smoothly. There's nothing to worry over! And so, I worry. That's when "letting go" is ultimately put to the test; it's easy to let go when things are hard. What else can you do? But letting go when life is "good"- that's the key.

I've also found that when I'm forced to let go (yes, forced- I'm not good at "willingly" letting it go!)- it's always better on the other side. Even if it's just that we find ourselves in a more honest place- it's better.

So- today I'm letting go of very specific fears. And I'm embracing the fact that being an adult comes with a great risk or two. But it also comes with the sweetest of rewards! And there is no time to waste on what-ifs and fears; life is too good to miss.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Musings

It's a two cups of coffee kind of morning! But that's OK every now and then, right? Maybe I'm just hanging onto the last shreds of the weekend. Such a great, restful, much needed weekend.

Saturday, I had lunch at Wildfork (one of my Tulsa favorite restaurants) with one of my Tulsa favorite friends. Over her glass of wine and my bloody mary, we talked about our families and her new house and my job and all of the little things that happen in a week that only really special friends care to hear the details about. And, of course, those really big things in the week that rock your world a bit. We had a few of those to discuss, too.

Between Saturday night and early Sunday afternoon, I caught up on a good bulk of my DVR'd shows. We're down to 40% full! That's an accomplishment, because as of Friday- we were at 70%. Don't you love deleting shows from the DVR? I also had to say goodbye to some shows for good. (Don't worry; no Housewives were harmed in this process.)

And Sunday evening, I celebrated a friend's birthday, had good food, went swimming.

A pretty great weekend! No wonder Monday is dragging her feet a bit.

But I'm going into this week with a good attitude. A job to be thankful for. Beautiful weather for my bike ride this morning. Friends who listen and love, a family I get to see this weekend. Especially in light of the devastating grass fires that have rocked our state this week- it's good to remember to be thankful for every little bit of it.

Has anyone felt those occasional wispy hints of fall yet? I've started to, here and there. A leaf turning orange, a cooler-than-normal breeze. We're officially making our way into the final months of 2012.. let's make 'em count!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

In Another Decade...

Do the weeks seem to be flying by for anyone else? I keep thinking to myself- it was just May! It was just March! It was just January!

August 1st, 2012. Last August was such a fun month. San Diego for the BlogHer Convention with my mom and sister (sad to miss it this year!); my first sprint triathlon; baking pies at The Pioneer Woman's ranch.

Since I started my new job in May- I wasn't allowed to take vacation for a few months. I'm about halfway through that "probation" period, if you will- and I am SO looking forward to taking a day or two off! And with football season around the corner- I think I know how I'll be spending those days.

But even when I don't get a nice, tidy vacation day- I'm trying to make more room in my life for the things I want to do- not just things I need to do.

Last weekend, I escaped for a quick getaway weekend to the lake with some girlfriends. And I don't think I realized how much I needed it- until I was there. There's something about sitting around a kitchen table- with girls who know you inside and out- and sharing our hearts.

10 years ago, we sat around that same table, in that same lake house, dreaming about what our life would look like 10 years down the road. Marriage, careers, kids- we had it all mapped out!

Some of those dreams have broken our hearts; relationships that don't work out, jobs that don't pan out. And others have come true tenfold.

Ah, life. Right?

I'm working on not feeling so guilty about things. Saying no to people, saying yes to opportunities that excite me. Fighting for my free time, my happiness. Standing firm in my expectations.

And sometimes a trip down memory lane- chatting with old friends- helps you remember what's important.

I guess it's OK that the weeks- months- years!- are flying by. 10 years ago, we talked about our dreams for the future. This weekend, we talked about our lives today- our relationships, marriages, bank accounts, siblings, parents, spiritual journeys. And 10 years from now...

... I guess we'll just have to gather around that old table and see!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Take Heart

I was on such a blogging kick! Now here we are, seven days later...

Oh well. We can't be perfect all of the time! :)

My dad spent last weekend in Tulsa, and we painted my office (pictures to come!) and of course did a TON of yard work.

I'm such a lucky girl to have such a handy dad. But I truly just enjoy one on one time with him, too! (Don't be jealous, mom!) So, great weekend.

And this week... has been busy! I've had meetings, long days at work. Stressful days at work. I played tennis for the first time Tuesday and my wrist hasn't felt the same since. (Don't worry, I'll be fine.)

So, that's just a quick snippet of my week! I have a lot to elaborate on- but I do want to say today that I'm reading a new John Eldredge devotional (my favorite these days) and it's all about the heart. Listening to our hearts, following our bliss and passion. Letting God speak to us through our heart.

If you've read my blog for any length of time (or know me in person) you know this kind of devotional is right up my alley. I love nothing more than matters of the heart.

And it's appropriate, too. As I kind of get settled in this next chapter of life, there are some growing pains. Some times a girl's heart just hurts. You know?

Life can be tricky, and tough. Relationships don't come easily. Managing a home and bills on your own doesn't come easily. Keeping up with a fast-paced career isn't a walk in the park.

Along the way, little things just ping at your heart. You wish it was all a little easier.

But the grass is always greener on the other side. No one has it "easy." But it's no excuse to lose heart!

While I was running this morning, I ticked off all of the things that make my heart so very joyful. And as it turns out- life is pretty great. My heart is full.

Have a great Thursday, everyone! And take heart; it will all be ok!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Be Kind

I woke up this morning incredibly sore with a raging charlie horse situation going on in my right calf.

Needless to say, I'm sitting here at the computer with my coffee, no intention of doing any exercise today!

I don't really mind, though, because it's kind of awesome. I never envisioned myself as an athlete- and now, not only am I working out- no, training- with some very specific goals in mind- but it's not just about the calories.

I now focus on getting faster, breathing easier. If I change my form just a tiny bit, my body will feel it. If I change my pace, or my distance, I will feel it. It's amazing that to me that I'm at that point, where focusing on form and endurance can impact me that much.

And, with the sore muscles comes the realization that I need to take extra care of my body. I need to eat enough calories every day. I need to hydrate days in advance. I am taking two rest days a week right now- because the five days I'm working out are intense. (And in the heat, I may as well be working out 8 times a week!)

It's funny how pushing yourself so hard- also makes you realize how kind you have to be to yourself. There's more pressure to keep going, keep working. And so you have to fight that a little bit and tell yourself it's OK to back off, even if it's just for a day.

I'm also realizing that some days- my need for a rest day has nothing to do with my body. Those are the days my heart and spirit need a little more attention.

And lately, I've needed to be kind to myself about where I'm at in life, in general.

I've spent the last six years building my life, on my own. An amazing sense of pride comes with that. And at times, an amazing sense of pressure, too. All that I have, the responsibility, weighs on me. And all that I don't have yet weighs on me, too.

The economy is scary. Jobs are precious. Relationships are tricky. Money is for saving.

We all have our "list."

On the days we have sore muscles- or sore hearts- we have to be kind to ourselves.

But then we have to keep pushing forward, get faster and better and stronger.

And take a little comfort that where we're "at"- when it comes to training, and when it comes to life- is exactly where we're supposed to be.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hot Summer Days

Highs in the 100's this week?! No thank you! This heat is brutal and miserable.

I can't believe I'm saying this- but I wouldn't mind a snowy, icy-cold winter!

I'm seriously having visions of the day I turn my heater on, drink hot coffee all day long (possibly with a dash of Bailey's). I'm even excited to run in the freezing cold. I bought some cute long-sleeved running attire last year that I hardly wore!

Two hot summers in a row... with a mild winter in between, if you could even call it that... is just not cutting it.

It makes the natives restless.

The heat is driving all kinds of... visitors?... indoors. And Maizy is loving every minute of it.

She spends most of her evenings hunting bugs.....

... and her mornings completely exhausted. The guest room used to be Maizy's room when she was a kitten and too little to wander the house on her own.

Now, she takes up half the bed.  *Sniff!!*

Hang in there, everyone. We're almost to the weekend!

Monday, July 16, 2012


I'm going to try my best not to start this post with a Monday comment.

OK, nevermind. It's Monday again?! Already?!

This weekend breezed by so incredibly fast. I can think of one hour and a half stretch where I had nothing to do. And I spent that hour and a half reading/napping. The rest of the time, I was on the go. I didn't get around to everything I wanted to do- but that's OK. No guilt here.

Saturday morning, the great "animal whisperer" came to my house to "sniff out" the location of that... stinky Friday the 13th smell. Well, he found it! A dead mouse under the threshold of the front door. Serious yuck. But my house once again smells lovely!

I have several weeks- and weekends- of "nothing" coming up. Nowhere to go or be. Just life. I'm actually really happy about that; it seems like since January, there has been one big event after another. I'm excited to put in some serious training hours, work on my house, spend quality time with my friends. Make a few trips down to Texas just because, not for any reason.

I need these times in life- where I can lock into a routine. It kind of stabilizes my soul, you know what I mean? I know I'm adverse to change; but I also think a consistent routine helps me gain some perspective. When my life isn't in constant motion, I can step back, evaluate, think.

With all that said- I have another busy week on tap! And I'm kicking it off this morning by volunteering at Salvation Army with a group from work.

Here's to a great Monday! Friday will be here in the blink of an eye. :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Stinky Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th really stinks.

No, literally.

Since yesterday morning.... something has been stinking up my house. At first I ignored the stench; just a weird summer smell, I thought to myself.

(What is a weird summer smell? Not sure how I justified that one.)

Then I got home last night from work- and it stunk worse than ever.

BUT- this morning, I wake up to no smell! I was thrilled. I figured some poor creature possibly died underneath my house... and a scavenger came and took care of it for me overnight.

Seriously, how do I justify these thoughts?

But I come home after my bike ride this morning- and BAM. Stink. Is. Back.

I am really sensitive to smells. A few winters ago, during a major no-one-works-for-five-days-straight snow storm, I started to smell gasoline. I even had our gas company trek out in the storm to check it out. Nope, no gas leak. But I figured it out! A sheet of ice was covering my heat vent outside--- and trapping some harmless fumes. Which were then sent into the house, where a crazy, type-A, OCD woman lives. Where said woman freaks out and envisions her house blowing up in a ball of flames.

All this to say, I will not sleep or rest easy until this stinky smell is eliminated. It unsettles me.

And, worst of all, I have now had to cancel a lunch meeting for said stink. I was out of coffee, so I had to make a cranky, mad dash to the grocery store where my usual coffee AND creamer were both out of stock. Even my go-to face cleanser was out.

No, don't feel sorry for me. These are just the ramblings of a girl living in a stinky house.

Did I mention I looked forward to today's lunch meeting all week?

Yeah, yeah, best laid plans and all that.

But, on the bright side- it's Friday! One more newscast to produce tonight before a weekend of long runs, bike rides, yard work, girls' night and more.

Let's hope Saturday the 14th- smells a lot better than Friday the 13th!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Friday Eve

I love Thursdays! It's the edge of the weekend, everyone is starting to get out of their mid-week blues. And at work all summer long, we're "On The Road" on Fridays with a fun show- live in different areas of the community.

Insert shameless FOX23 plug here. Watch at 9pm!

Speaking of work- this week has been a doozy. Between late baseball games, first-time show reviews (today, gulp) and just the crazy day-in, day-out stuff... I'm ready for the weekend! But, more thankful than ever for this awesome opportunity. Producing the news, again. Life really comes full circle sometimes, you know?

I also have some other fun stuff in the works. Saturday, I have a skype interview for a potential... gig? A volunteer opportunity that would be pretty cool. I have to give a five-minute "how-to" presentation. Via skype. Wish me luck!

And, can we just say for the record... training for a sprint triathlon... in one million degree heat... is the worst. I took a much needed "off-day" yesterday- but today, back in action. I literally feel like I'm baking alive... WHILE running. Not a pleasant feeling. Anyone have a gym membership they want to loan me for the next few months??

Aside from all of the little side projects going on, I'm also slowly working on house projects again. As every home owner knows, these projects come in phases! I'm putting my focus back into my guest room/office. And, I was excited this week to receive my newest print!

Keep Calm... And Tri On. Good words of advice at the moment! That will eventually be hanging on the wall. But for now, it's pretty cute at my desk. (Please ignore the families in the picture frames; they are not mine. I'm in the process of putting up new pictures!)

I also ordered something adorable from Etsy for those race bibs you see on my desk. Can't wait to reveal this office when it's finally done!

Hope you are all having a good week! I plan on having some major downtime this weekend. Wine on the patio and my latest good book are calling my name.

In the meantime... happy Friday eve!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Off And Running

Wait, what?! That was it? That was the weekend?

Good grief. These long, hot summer days are flying by. I, for one, would like time to slow down a bit and speed up, all at once. Or maybe just go on full fast-forward to October... then stop. On a beautiful, chilly day. Or even a gross day with misty rain. I'll take both.

But, no. It's early July in Oklahoma. There are days upon days of heat ahead.

And does anyone notice the locusts? That kind of rattling noise that just makes it seem like you're in a western movie? With dust blowing and heat radiating off of everything?

Ok, enough about the heat. I took a nice break this weekend- from pretty much everything. Very low-key. Very much needed.

And I finished a book! Gold was phenomenal. I stayed up until 3am Saturday night (rocking weekend, I know) just finishing that book. I laughed, I cried. Totally recommend it.

Now, the week begins!

Monday is off and running.

Hope it's a great one!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Training Update

Ah, the fog is lifting! Finally, this "summer funk" seems to be on its way out the door. Thank goodness. There's too much to enjoy right now!

So, a little update on my sprint triathlon training. I'm racing in a town called Sapulpa in September. 750 meter lake swim, 10 mile bike ride and 3 mile run. Oy.

Swimming: I can easily swim 750 meters (I'm currently training around 800 or 900 meters.) But I have *never* done that swim in a lake. Darn- I guess that means I'll need to spend a weekend at the lake house training before September 8th! :)

Biking: I put new pedals on my bike yesterday- toe clips, or cages- and went for a little test ride. I definitely think they will improve my pace! I'm working my way up to clipless pedals- where you clip your foot into the pedal. Those scare me to death. But- my goal is to start racing with them in 2013. For now, the cages will be great. Bikers, any tips on how to overcome my fear of falling off of the bike?!

Running: Surprisingly my weakest sport at the moment, since running is where it all started. I start to have trouble catching my breath after about a mile- so I'm really working on some breathing techniques. Of course, the oppressive heat does not help. Breathing tips and techniques, anyone?

Once a week, I go swim at the YMCA. My beautiful, clean pool at Oral Roberts University is closed in the mornings during the summer- so I've been going to the Y. And last week, after my swim, I hit the treadmill to run 3 miles. What a difference! No wind, heat, gravel. So I'm going to really work on my breathing and pace on the treadmill and see if it makes a difference when I'm outside.

I've probably lost about half of you by now! But this training has become a really important- and special?- part of my life. I love it. I love having a race to work towards- but really, I just enjoy pushing myself in these three different areas. Each sport brings out a different attitude, mindset and strength in me. It's like a big personality test! How do you handle swimming with chaos around you? (Swim lessons to the left, grandma-aerobics to the right.) How do you cope with the heat? What will happen if when you fall off of your bike?

I'll probably start writing a little training update on here once a week until the race. That way one day I can look back and see how far I've come! (Or... how far I've fallen... ha!)

Have a good one!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Musings on the 4th

Happy 4th of July! Whether you're spending the day at the lake with family & friends (ahem, my family!)... or heading into work later (this girl!)... I hope you squeeze some fun and celebration into today!

I'm spending my morning being super lazy. I had plans to take a long bike ride, but I think today is a two-cup-of-coffee kind of day, staying in my PJ's as long as possible. I need a little quiet time to myself, too. I just downloaded a new John Eldredge devotional- hope it's a good one!

On top of being in a little summer funk the past few days, I'm also really searching my heart for forgiveness and trust.

I'm learning that not everyone in our lives knows how to take care of our hearts. They don't tread as lightly as they should. Words and actions can quickly be twisted and turned, and we're left feeling a little... trampled on.

Growing as a person, in a relationship, in a friendship, in a family, in a business partnership, requires- I'm learning- copious amounts of forgiveness and trust. Second chances, mature conversations, working through it- it's key, huh?

The hard part is determining when the hurt- outweighs everything else. When do you stop giving second chances?

See, I told you it was a two-cup-of-coffee kind of morning!

It's time for me to crack open that new devotional, have a little QT time, and reflect on this good, great life we've got here on Earth.

And, specifically, in the great US of A! :)

Happy 4th!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Funk

Yesterday morning, I woke up with a view of the lake in a quiet house. I promptly packed up the car and headed back to the "real world"- and went straight into work until 10pm last night.

Ah, such is life.

I had a wonderful, fun, refreshing weekend with my family at the lake house. My dad makes a new cocktail called "The Lake House Special" that is--- well, special! We played lots of Mexican Train, watched fireworks, swam in the lake, water skied. Summer, in a nutshell.

And now I'm back- and last night, I was in a royal funk. Sometimes you have to shake yourself out of it- and sometimes, you have to indulge yourself. I did the latter- with a almost-too-hot bath and a glass of wine.

Why the funk? Who knows. The funk comes, the funk goes. (I may have a future in song writing?!)

I think sometimes those quiet morning at the lake remind me of a different kind of life- one that is slow and peaceful and not stressful, with lots of lake house specials. One that always seems just out of reach.

But then- if that was every day life- what would make the lake house.... special?

Ah, yes. Deep thought for a Tuesday. See? This is the funk I mentioned.

Why the funk? Who knows. The funk comes, the funk goes...

It's catchy and you know it.

In other news, I've hit my summer stride when it comes to reading. I'm devouring one good book after another.

This weekend, I read "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn. I read it fast- just two days- and I was totally swept up in it. It's a mystery/thriller. Not my typical genre, but a perfect summer read!

Now, I've moved onto "Gold" by Chris Cleave. I've been waiting for this book to come out for months. It's on a bunch of "must-read" lists- plus it's about two friends, cyclists, competing for the Olympic Gold. Um, I'm sold. I started it last night- and I'm already hooked. Great story.

And Shadow of Night comes out next week! I've been waiting ONE YEAR for this sequel to Discovery of Witches, which I consumed last summer. I can't wait. These books are a tough read- lots of information- but the story is SO enthralling. I love a book that can't be read in one weekend, that drags out a bit.

So there you have it. While I wait out this funk, you can find me on the couch in the bathtub on the back patio- with my best imitation of a Lake House Special- and a good book!

And if I envision a quiet house on the lake while I'm at it, no one will know.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Can't Wait

We made it to Friday!

Tomorrow morning- early- I had to East Texas to join my family at our lakehouse. I seriously can't wait. The lake puts on a great fireworks show- which happens tomorrow night- and of course we spend the weekend eating, drinking and out on the boat.

My mom also informed me (she's already at the lake, waiting) that she rearranged the furniture so it's more "game friendly."

Yes, that is how important games are to this family.

As for today, I'm enjoying a rare "rest morning."

Yesterday, I went to the YMCA to swim, and I took my work-out clothes with me so I could do some running, too. What a difference it makes, running on the "dreadmill" after running outside in this heat! It was awesome. And gave me a little boost of confidence about that sprint triathlon I accidently signed up for.

Although during the race, the pool will be a lake, and the dreadmill will be rocky, hot roadway.


Anyways, I'm a firm believer in rest days- for everything. Not just physically- in every way.

Just a chance to listen to music, have the TV drone on in the background- or embrace the silence- drink a cup (or two) of good coffee. It really does a body good.

So that's how I'm spending my morning hours. Refreshing, rejuvenating, celebrating the end of a week of hard work.

It's like a mini treat to myself.

How do you treat yourself during the week? What do your "off" days entail?

Next week- already looks long. Meetings and lunches nearly every day before work. Tri-training. And we're in the middle of "sweeps" at work- July ratings for TV.

But that's next week.

Today, tomorrow and Sunday- you won't find me at a meeting or at work- but instead with a cup of coffee drink in my hand and good people around me!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

For The Love of Writing

I've heard people who work in TV- especially producers- lose their love of writing, because that's what they do all day long.

It took me a few weeks to get back "in the grove" of writing an hour long newscast, every day. To be fair- with commercials included- it's probably around 30 minutes of actual news. 29 to 30 stories total.

And each story- needs to make it's mark. It's not just writing the words; it's thinking about how to present the stories. Which anchor will read them. What graphics you will include. Will there be an "over the shoulder" graphic? Will you have bullet points of information? Is there a picture or video?

Lots of things to think about.

I'm getting into the swing of it. I can churn out a quick story in just minutes. I have a better grasp of the overall flow of the show. It's easier to put the pieces together and see the big picture.

And oddly enough- writing news every day doesn't make me want to write less; it makes me want to write more.

I write in a journal in the morning. I write to-do lists all day long. Then I go to work and write scripts. And lately, I've wanted to jump in here more often and update my blog.

I think part of that- is a need to write what I want to write. You've heard the phrase- the news usually writes itself; but Lindsay's Lounge, or my journal, needs my thoughts and opinions and prayers.

Life, in my own words.

Another part of it- is making it a habit. I thrive off of daily routine. A routine of fitness, of quiet time- and now, writing is once again front and center. It keeps my creative juices flowing.

There's always a danger of discovering what you love- and making a living out of it.  It could get old, tiresome, stale.

But I think when we're doing what we're truly called to do- something just clicks into place.

I don't know if I will be a news producer forever- but I will certainly always be a writer.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012



We all feel it at one time or another. And there's nothing like a week of never-ending heat to make the days feel monotonous.

And... in walks restlessness.

I just finished a devotional I love- called "Desire" by John Eldredge.

I love John Eldredge devotionals- because he speaks so truly about the male and female heart. Not about our prayer life, not about our "duty" as Christians- but about our hearts. And he brings it all into perspective with the Bible- but with a mix of literature references and poetry, too.

Basically- he's a writer who talks a lot about the heart, and it all speaks right into this writer's heart.


Anyway, I recommend it to everyone. He addresses everything from letting our desires get away from us- to squashing our desires altogether- to feeling restless. And finding a good balance in all of it.

I think everyone is programmed to deal with that restlessness in different ways. For me, it comes full circle and always ends up with me needing an adventure or a challenge.

Since traveling is my first choice- and not always the most reasonable/affordable one- I think that's where my love of fitness comes in.

I may have *accidently* signed up for a sprint triahtlon that I knew nothing about- only that it was nearby.

And after hitting submit, realized- it's a lake swim (my first) that's nearly double what I've raced in the past (ahem. WHAT?!)

The moral of the story is this: due to my restless heart, I have now signed up for the hardest sprint triathlon yet.

And now, in the hottest dog days of summer, I must train for said triathlon.

I don't think this is what John meant when he talked about finding "balance."

Restless heart syndrome! It makes a girl do crazy things. Take caution.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Recap

Summer is officially here! I really can't believe it. 2012 seems to not only be going by quickly- but speeding up, too! Weeks are flying by, and weekends are even faster.

My mom & sister spent the weekend here in Tulsa- and it was HOT! We went for a bike ride in this heat. Just too much! My sunburned arms can attest to that.

I guess my alarm will start going off at 6 or 7am to get a work-out in before the 100 degree temps arrive. Sigh.

It would be nice to take the summer off from working out (HA) but that won't be happening anytime soon. I just signed up for another sprint triathlon- and I guess I should have read the fine print before hitting the "submit" button. It's a lake swim- nearly double what I'm used to!

Guess who will be swimming laps at the lake this 4th of July weekend?!

On Sunday morning, my mom- quite the chef these days- whipped up a batch of pancakes a la Joy The Baker. Not just any pancakes- blueberry almond orange pancakes, with a special syrup go on it.

Delicious- an understatement.

We're also rocking some patriotic nails! My mom got a white pedicure- my sister an orange-red- and I'm sporting the blue. Team America?!

Finally, we bawled our way through the Kristin Chenoweth concert in Broken Arrow last night.

My mom, sis & I have an odd reaction of just simply crying when we hear beautiful music. Just attend any musical with us to see the waterworks begin.

It was awesome. She was awesome. Beautiful music, fun night!

So another weekend in the books, and another work week on tap.

And another fun weekend ahead- the lake with the family.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

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