Sunday, November 28, 2010

Facing Reality... and Getting More Sleep

I've had an interesting set of emotions lately.

I feel overwhelmingly blessed and thankful and happy, almost to the point where I could sing from the rooftops or cry tears of joy at any given moment.

I feel free. Of anxiety, of worry, of sleeplessness. The things that plagued me for months in the Spring and Summer are gone. Fall and Winter have brought peace and comfort, and newness.

And sleep, thank goodness.

But with that freedom comes an awareness that I guess it's time to face. Feelings and emotions I swept under the rug are coming out. I'm strong enough now to look reality in the face and remember things I would rather not.

But, I have to. It's all part of it, right?

It makes me realize how much stronger I am, how much happier and honest with myself I am.

And that is a very good thing.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Miracle on 36th Street

I successfully hosted my first Thanksgiving!

Six people and one Border Collie spent three days and two nights in my cozy, two-bedroom home.

We ate. We played scrabble. We laughed. We saw Harry Potter. We lived on top of each other.

And they all ran out the door, crying and screaming this morning.

I kid! But seriously... everyone woke up and was totally over Thanksgiving and ready for Christmas.

And their own bed.

My mom stayed a few extra hours and helped me put the house back in order. And a miracle occurred on 36th Street: my house is clean, my fridge is stocked... and my Christmas tree is up!

Oh, did I mention 82% of my Christmas shopping is done?

Ok, bragging session over. :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

We had a great day around here of cooking, eating, laughing and enjoying being together as a family here in Tulsa!

I hope you had a very blessed day!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Giving Thanks

Hello, friends and family! What a whirlwind week. I hate going several days without blogging, much less a week, because it's such a wonderful outlet for me. But I spent the past week focused very intently on another "outlet"- a variety show we put on right here in Tulsa. "Show and Tell With Peter Bedgood" had great turnout, and I am so incredibly proud of what we put together.

Nearly three months of working what seemed like two jobs, all paid off!

Now, I am so ready for a week of slowing down, of giving thanks. My family comes Wednesday to celebrate Thanksgiving in my new house, and I am so excited to fill this cozy home with the people I love most on this Earth.

The older I get- and maybe this year, more than ever- I appreciate Thanksgiving. A day to reflect on blessings. Technically, it should be Thanksgiving every day- (cue the cheesy music) but sometimes it takes a special day, a holiday, to put things in perspective, to remind you in the hustle and bustle of life what giving thanks really means.

I am so thankful right now, I could cry. 2010 has not been a good year for me on paper. And sometimes I look back at August, and I tear up, thinking of the girl who lived in an apartment and watched her life change faster than she wanted it to.

I can't even believe that girl was me.

So, this Thanksgiving, I am thankful- maybe more than ever.

I am thankful for a broken heart, because every day I feel stronger and more certain of what I want and need.

I am thankful for death of a sweet pet, because it made me remember that life is fragile, and worth living to the fullest.

I am thankful for family who surrounds me with love and laughter.

I am thankful for friends who stand up for me and give me support.

I am thankful for a job that lets me be me, every day.

I am thankful for a new house, that I will fill with memories for many years to come.

I am thankful for a Savior, who keeps me holding on... no matter what.

2010 has not been a good year on paper. But if I had to judge this year on lessons learned, on hope restored, on thanks to be given- this has been my best year yet.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Christmas Wish List

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat! (Who can finish up the song?)

I love this time of year. In the past, the holidays have been very stressful. Trying to find time for holiday get-togethers, trips home to see the family, and yes... the ever-lovely Christmas budget can make me feel more like scrooge than Santa.

To avoid stress this year, I'm getting my shopping done early... and I'm sticking to a pretty strict budget. I'm also planning my family time and get-togethers ahead of time, and trying to focus on the real reason for the season. So, no stress.

Plus, Starbucks Peppermint Mochas help. A lot.

I'm working on a "Christmas Guide" post with some of my favorite shops to find Christmas goodies. Tune in for that tomorrow!

Today... here's a glimpse at my own personal Christmas wish list. :)

Anything and everything from The Vintage Pearl. I LOVE their stuff, and these leather cuffs are so perfect.

I'm a tad obsessed right now with all things travel-related. My guest room/office is more commonly referred to as "the travel room"... and since New York City is one of my favorite destinations, I believe this map via Made By Girl would be perfect on my wall.

I also love this print with "hello" in a bunch of different languages, also found at Made By Girl.

I have been looking for the perfect vintage globe for my guest room, too. I came across this designer that takes old, vintage globes and puts a new design on them. This Bon Voyage globe is my favorite.

Ok, ok... this is DEFINITELY not going to be waiting under the tree this year... but a girl can dream! :) I have debated the ipad for months now, and my conclusion... I love it. I want it.

What's on your Christmas wish list?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Prayer

Happy Wednesday!
I don't know about you, but the week is only halfway through and I'm exhausted! Too much going on. :) So, instead of an update... here's a prayer.
I actually had this taped to my mirror for years, and I just stumbled across it again the other day. I beyond love it.
Because I Love Her
I made her... she is different.
She's unique.
With love I formed her in her mother's womb.
I fashioned her with great joy.
I remember, with great pleasure, the day I created her.
I love her smile.
I love her ways.
I love to hear her laugh
And the silly things she says and does.
She brings me great pleasure.
This is how I made her.
I made her pretty and not beautiful
Because I knew her heart
And I knew that she would be vain.
I wanted her to search her heart
And learn that it would be me in her
That would draw friends to her.
I made her in such a way that she would need me.
I made her a little more lonesome than she would like to be
Only because of the need for her to learn and depend on me.
I know her heart.
I know if I had not made her like this
She would go her own chosen way
And forget me... her creator.
I have given her many good and happy things
Because I love her.
Because I love her I have seen her broken heart
And the tears she cried alone.
I have cried with her
And had a broken heart, too.
Many times she has stumbled and fallen alone
Only because she would not hold my hand.
So many lessons she has learned the hard way
Because she would not listen to my voice.
So many times I have watched her go her merry way
Only to watch her return to my arms
Sad and broken.
And now she is mine again
I made her...
And then I bought her...
Because I love her.
I have to reshape and mold her
To renew her to what I had planned for her to be.
It has not been easy for her or for me.
I want her to be conformed to my image
This high goal I have set for her
Because I love her.
I love that poem! Such a wonderful reminder of what God intends for each of us.
Here's to Thursday... one step closer to Friday!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

I just got home from a fabulous and much-needed weekend in Plano with the family! My brother drove down from OU, so the whole gang was in town. Here's a iphone picture recap of our weekend...

Mom & Ali met me at The Nest Boutique for the POST Blog Social Thursday night. So fun!

Mom & I. You can read my recap of the social (and see a few wish list items/do some Christmas shopping) here!

Friday night, we all went to my brother's last high school football game to watch him perform in the band.

My brother played the drums in the middle of the performance and rocked it. You can see the video here.

And Saturday morning, we went to Mikey's last drumline show. They did a great job- I love listening to the drumline.

The rest of the weekend was spent laying on the couch, eating good food, and- unfortunately- watching the Sooners lose. Badly.

I love weekends in Plano. I'm trying to take more time to go "home" for rest weekends like these, where I can just enjoy my family.

But the weekend of rest is over! This week is busy, busy, busy. Parties, cocktails with new friends, blogger meet-up... it's a glamorous life, people! :) AND... have you bought your ticket yet for the variety show? It's next weekend! Click here to get your ticket... they're selling fast!

Here's to hoping everyone has a smooth Monday!

Friday, November 5, 2010

POST Blog Social

As a Dallas native, I follow a handful of amazing Dallas-based bloggers- including the lovely Kelly over at Fabulous K. (She designed my blog, you know!)

Last night, Fab K and Hello, Splendor hosted the POST Blog Social at The Nest Boutique in Dallas! I drove in from Tulsa, where my Volvo was promptly whisked away and I entered a world of gorgeous home decorations, cupcakes and champagne.

Heaven, you may ask? Pretty close!

First of all, the lovely ladies behind Fab K and Hello, Splendor were such a pleasure to meet! Check out their blogs... wow. What amazing talent these ladies have, and an eye for beautiful home decor!

Second, I walked around the store with my mom and sister in awe of the beautiful treaures- from coffee table books to candles, stationary to sparkling bling.

Here are a few of my favorites from the night...

I have it under good authority these bird salt & pepper shakers might show up under the Christmas tree this year. Just sayin'.

I was in awe of this entire wall. I love all things bird/nature related, so you can imagine I was obsessed with the twig frames, silver-branch vases, and more. (My sister promised to rummage around the yard and make me her very own version of the twig frame for half the price. That's love, people.)

These serving utensils are just gorgeous. I need these for my housewarming party. (Hint, hint.)

I have an odd crush on skeletons. I have a skeleton tank top that always makes me feel edgy when I wear it. I told my sister today over lunch that I want a really "pretty" house with skeleton accents.

I can't even replicate the look she gave me.

But, I love this skeleton candle! Pretty and edgy, yes?

And finally, this New York coffee table book. It's only one of my favorite cities, after all. And who doesn't love a good coffee table book?
I will say I left with one Christmas gift purchase in tow. But... it's a surprise. :)

Check out the Nest online! I guarantee you will find a Christmas present or two for the fabulous ladies in your life.
And thanks again to the wonderful hostesses- you guys pulled off a lovely event!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Busy and Blessed

Where did this week go?! I have felt so overwhelmed and busy lately. But, I had a moment of clarity earlier today. Everything I'm sooo busy with right now... I love. I'm making time for the things and people I'm passionate about, and I couldn't be happier about that.

Work has been brutal lately- long hours, late nights. But I'm surrounded by some of my favorite people. People I can depend on in any situation. People who know me inside out. Who can tell by a look when I'm sad or happy, who know my insecurities, who could order my favorite meal (or drink!) on the spot. Who gets that lucky with their co-workers?

I have met some fabulous people through the variety show. By the way- get your ticket now! The show airs Thursday, November 18th and Friday, November 19th, so take your pick. :) Over the past month and a half, I have gone to new coffee houses and bars, brainstormed with some of the most artistic and creative people I've ever met, and really opened myself up to a new world. Every long meeting, I'm thankful for.

And this house- it takes a lot to own a house. Not just from a financial standpoint, but responsibility-wise as well. Whether it's the cable or the dryer, hanging things on the walls or watering the lawn, it all takes work. But I can tell it's making me grow up, too.

Coming out of a rough few months, I now feel like I'm growing more than ever. The people who have been by my side through the rough parts are still right there by my side. And new people are coming into my life, continuing to shape me. I'm so blessed by each person I'm getting to know for the first time, who reaffirm the girl I am and the girl I want to be. And I'm so blessed by the people who have known me for years, who continue to amaze me with their strength and support.

Life is good. New dreams are good. Could I finally be accepting change as a good thing? :)
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