Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Spirit

Hello readers! Are you getting into the Christmas spirit? It seems to arrive earlier and earlier every year- but I don't mind. We only get to celebrate the season for a quick month; let it begin as early as possible!

I've been so terrible about updating my blog this year. There are so many times I sit down to write, and it seems like there's either too much to say, or not enough. Do you ever feel that way? But- I decided to stop feeling *guilty* about not updating it, too.

In fact, the last couple of months, I've worked on letting go of a lot of guilt and worry. I am the QUEEN at both of those things. I constantly worry. And the worrying constantly leads to some sort of guilt on my end. Am I a good enough friend, daughter, Christian? Am I doing a good job at work? And that's just scratching the surface!

We all feel it to some degree. But I've had to really focus on letting go of a lot of that. Because, at a certain point, you freeze up. It's hard to make decisions, or even enjoy what's happening around you, because of what could happen.

Enough of that. And the good news- I have a savior who *wants to take on all of my doubts, fears and worries. Thank goodness for that! And what an amazing gift, to know we aren't in this alone. That my worries don't add a single day to my life. That there is a big picture I need to have complete faith in.

Giving it all up- allows me to enjoy my life. The world seems a bit more beautiful. I take a little more time to soak it in while I'm driving (often, these days) or biking, or running. I enjoy my family and friends more, my work more. And I'm easier on myself, which is a good thing.

Even though it's 70 degrees in Oklahoma, let's bring on the Christmas music and decorations and cheer!

It's never too early to celebrate the greatest gift of all.

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