Monday, July 9, 2012

Off And Running

Wait, what?! That was it? That was the weekend?

Good grief. These long, hot summer days are flying by. I, for one, would like time to slow down a bit and speed up, all at once. Or maybe just go on full fast-forward to October... then stop. On a beautiful, chilly day. Or even a gross day with misty rain. I'll take both.

But, no. It's early July in Oklahoma. There are days upon days of heat ahead.

And does anyone notice the locusts? That kind of rattling noise that just makes it seem like you're in a western movie? With dust blowing and heat radiating off of everything?

Ok, enough about the heat. I took a nice break this weekend- from pretty much everything. Very low-key. Very much needed.

And I finished a book! Gold was phenomenal. I stayed up until 3am Saturday night (rocking weekend, I know) just finishing that book. I laughed, I cried. Totally recommend it.

Now, the week begins!

Monday is off and running.

Hope it's a great one!

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