Thursday, July 19, 2012

Be Kind

I woke up this morning incredibly sore with a raging charlie horse situation going on in my right calf.

Needless to say, I'm sitting here at the computer with my coffee, no intention of doing any exercise today!

I don't really mind, though, because it's kind of awesome. I never envisioned myself as an athlete- and now, not only am I working out- no, training- with some very specific goals in mind- but it's not just about the calories.

I now focus on getting faster, breathing easier. If I change my form just a tiny bit, my body will feel it. If I change my pace, or my distance, I will feel it. It's amazing that to me that I'm at that point, where focusing on form and endurance can impact me that much.

And, with the sore muscles comes the realization that I need to take extra care of my body. I need to eat enough calories every day. I need to hydrate days in advance. I am taking two rest days a week right now- because the five days I'm working out are intense. (And in the heat, I may as well be working out 8 times a week!)

It's funny how pushing yourself so hard- also makes you realize how kind you have to be to yourself. There's more pressure to keep going, keep working. And so you have to fight that a little bit and tell yourself it's OK to back off, even if it's just for a day.

I'm also realizing that some days- my need for a rest day has nothing to do with my body. Those are the days my heart and spirit need a little more attention.

And lately, I've needed to be kind to myself about where I'm at in life, in general.

I've spent the last six years building my life, on my own. An amazing sense of pride comes with that. And at times, an amazing sense of pressure, too. All that I have, the responsibility, weighs on me. And all that I don't have yet weighs on me, too.

The economy is scary. Jobs are precious. Relationships are tricky. Money is for saving.

We all have our "list."

On the days we have sore muscles- or sore hearts- we have to be kind to ourselves.

But then we have to keep pushing forward, get faster and better and stronger.

And take a little comfort that where we're "at"- when it comes to training, and when it comes to life- is exactly where we're supposed to be.

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