Thursday, September 20, 2012

Farewell, Summer

I can't believe I'm actually going to say this- but I'm a little sad summer is ending.

Summer is, by far, my least favorite season. Hot, sticky, never-ending. And there's something about kids not being in school that just makes it seem like such a transition season. One we just have to get on the other side of, quickly.

And maybe all of those reasons are why I've always loved Fall. It feels more... stable. Even though it's the most fleeting season (at least in Oklahoma)- Fall marks the beginning of new. We've made it through the miserable summer, now we can have some fun. Cool mornings, warm coffee, heater off and on. College football. Starbucks. I love fall.

But this year- I am honestly sad to see the summer go. Maybe because I spent more time this summer enjoying each day instead of wishing the time away. Maybe it's because this summer, in particular, held so much challenge and change for me. A new job, intense race training, a best friend's wedding.

So much life- rolled into just a few months!

It was a good summer. And so much more than just a "transition" season this year.

I'm ready for Fall. For those cool mornings and warm drinks. For scarves- and yes, maybe a little stability.

But I'm also finding that maybe change- doesn't affect me the way it used to. Maybe when you experience SO much change- you kind of get used to it. Even embrace it in a way. Especially when you find yourself better on the other side.

Am I actually embracing change?

I guess there's nothing like ushering in a new season.... to find out.

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