Sunday, August 26, 2012


If you're wondering who this impostor is, actually blogging on Lindsay's Lounge...

It's me! It really is!

I'm sorry for the mid-summer's..... nap. I haven't blogged in weeks- and it hasn't been for lack of wanting to. I have been running non-stop for several weeks now- and this is my first weekend to sit back and actually process life a little bit.

I've jumped on here so many times in the past few weeks to say a quick hello- but it always seems scattered and rushed.

So, here I am. With updates!


-Went home to Plano for a weekend to spend time with my brothers before they headed back to college. We ate, we swam, we laughed. Great weekend.

-Dentist appointments, vet appointments (yikes, a post in itself), new shoes for my car and new brake pads. It's been a busy month of "life" stuff.

-I was selected to be on a "Presentation Team" for my sorority- Gamma Phi Beta! I applied a few months ago, had a skype interview, and now I'm one of 13 women who gets to travel the country, making presentations to Gamma Phis in different regions. (Hello, Boston!)

-My freelance projects are picking up steam faster than ever. Can't share too much yet- but we're doing some exciting things!

-My final Sprint Triathlon of 2012 is a week from this coming Saturday. My training has been slower for this race; I've had a lot of days where I put "training" aside and just run or bike or the joy of it. I can tell I need a little break after this race where I'm not training for anything!

.... And I'm doing all of this in my free-time, when I'm not having fun at FOX! (Ha!) My full-time job is going so well. Three months in, and I'm feeling more confident & comfortable than ever. I work with some fun, talented people- always a plus.

One final note- lately, I've been working hard to find a little extra joy in every day. My days are filled with plenty of promise and challenge and excitement and laughter; but sometimes, I think it's important to remember the joy- the things we can come back to day after day.

Lately, that joy has been working hard all day; and coming home at night to my house, my world, and just soaking it in. A job (jobs) I love; people I love; a home I love. And a savior to give thanks to. Life can't get much better than that!

Hope you've had a happy August! I think my favorite season is inching closer and closer....

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Burnout

I can tell that summer is starting to wear me out. You know that critical turning point where a new season- it doesn't matter which one- just needs to begin? Because you're over the last season?

I'm over summer. The heat, the fires. The heat. And, the heat.

But like I said the other day- more and more hints of fall are starting to appear. Those cool breezes are happening more frequently. My a/c is even "off" when I wake up in the morning! No more 24/7 cooling in this house. Good signs.

My final sprint triathlon of 2012 is exactly one month away. One month from yesterday! This will be my last tri of the year. Knowing this has helped me push forward a bit harder in my training; and it's also nice to know that as of September 9th... I will exercise just for the heck of it. Take a break from "training"--- for a few months at least.

I have some new projects on the horizon that are SO exciting to me. Things that allow me to get to do some traveling! (YAY!) And things that really stretch my brain and creative juices. How cool is that? I promise to share more details when I can.

But this fall- and winter- will be an exciting time. Not just the seasons changing- and a break from the training circuit- but trips to Norman and Fayetteville for- oh yeah- college football! I also have my 10-year high school reunion (yikes)... my six month "anniversary" of working at FOX... and a trip to a state where there will most certainly be some snow!

For now, there's still at least eight more weeks of heat... and four more weeks of training. Guess I'll buckle down and enjoy the last bits of summer!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Let It Go

Sometimes, being an adult scares me so much. Most days- I can coast by, just doing my thing, running around town, busy to-do list. And other days, it's almost paralyzing. Paying bills, scheduling routine doctors appointments, vet check-ups. Car troubles, home repairs. Heart repairs.

It's easy to push it aside most days, but sometimes a little thought from the back corner of my brain pops up and reminds me how easy it would be- is- to lose it all.

That's what happens when we hold onto things too tightly- you know? When we put all of our eggs in one basket, so to speak. Life throws us curve balls. We lose jobs, we lose pets, we lose relationships. We gain faith and strength and a more solid sense of peace in the process. Give and take.

Someone told me the other day that we have to "let it go" daily. Isn't that so true? Let go of the fears and what-ifs. Let go of whatever is holding us back. That's the only way to live life, is to face the risks and heartache head-on.

It's in my nature to worry about things when everything is going perfectly smoothly. There's nothing to worry over! And so, I worry. That's when "letting go" is ultimately put to the test; it's easy to let go when things are hard. What else can you do? But letting go when life is "good"- that's the key.

I've also found that when I'm forced to let go (yes, forced- I'm not good at "willingly" letting it go!)- it's always better on the other side. Even if it's just that we find ourselves in a more honest place- it's better.

So- today I'm letting go of very specific fears. And I'm embracing the fact that being an adult comes with a great risk or two. But it also comes with the sweetest of rewards! And there is no time to waste on what-ifs and fears; life is too good to miss.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Musings

It's a two cups of coffee kind of morning! But that's OK every now and then, right? Maybe I'm just hanging onto the last shreds of the weekend. Such a great, restful, much needed weekend.

Saturday, I had lunch at Wildfork (one of my Tulsa favorite restaurants) with one of my Tulsa favorite friends. Over her glass of wine and my bloody mary, we talked about our families and her new house and my job and all of the little things that happen in a week that only really special friends care to hear the details about. And, of course, those really big things in the week that rock your world a bit. We had a few of those to discuss, too.

Between Saturday night and early Sunday afternoon, I caught up on a good bulk of my DVR'd shows. We're down to 40% full! That's an accomplishment, because as of Friday- we were at 70%. Don't you love deleting shows from the DVR? I also had to say goodbye to some shows for good. (Don't worry; no Housewives were harmed in this process.)

And Sunday evening, I celebrated a friend's birthday, had good food, went swimming.

A pretty great weekend! No wonder Monday is dragging her feet a bit.

But I'm going into this week with a good attitude. A job to be thankful for. Beautiful weather for my bike ride this morning. Friends who listen and love, a family I get to see this weekend. Especially in light of the devastating grass fires that have rocked our state this week- it's good to remember to be thankful for every little bit of it.

Has anyone felt those occasional wispy hints of fall yet? I've started to, here and there. A leaf turning orange, a cooler-than-normal breeze. We're officially making our way into the final months of 2012.. let's make 'em count!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

In Another Decade...

Do the weeks seem to be flying by for anyone else? I keep thinking to myself- it was just May! It was just March! It was just January!

August 1st, 2012. Last August was such a fun month. San Diego for the BlogHer Convention with my mom and sister (sad to miss it this year!); my first sprint triathlon; baking pies at The Pioneer Woman's ranch.

Since I started my new job in May- I wasn't allowed to take vacation for a few months. I'm about halfway through that "probation" period, if you will- and I am SO looking forward to taking a day or two off! And with football season around the corner- I think I know how I'll be spending those days.

But even when I don't get a nice, tidy vacation day- I'm trying to make more room in my life for the things I want to do- not just things I need to do.

Last weekend, I escaped for a quick getaway weekend to the lake with some girlfriends. And I don't think I realized how much I needed it- until I was there. There's something about sitting around a kitchen table- with girls who know you inside and out- and sharing our hearts.

10 years ago, we sat around that same table, in that same lake house, dreaming about what our life would look like 10 years down the road. Marriage, careers, kids- we had it all mapped out!

Some of those dreams have broken our hearts; relationships that don't work out, jobs that don't pan out. And others have come true tenfold.

Ah, life. Right?

I'm working on not feeling so guilty about things. Saying no to people, saying yes to opportunities that excite me. Fighting for my free time, my happiness. Standing firm in my expectations.

And sometimes a trip down memory lane- chatting with old friends- helps you remember what's important.

I guess it's OK that the weeks- months- years!- are flying by. 10 years ago, we talked about our dreams for the future. This weekend, we talked about our lives today- our relationships, marriages, bank accounts, siblings, parents, spiritual journeys. And 10 years from now...

... I guess we'll just have to gather around that old table and see!
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