Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Past, Present, Future

Well, I'm back!

I can't believe this is only my third blog post the entire month of March. Where did the time go? Does 2012 seem to be flying by for anyone else? Good grief, at this rate... I should go ahead and make my New Year's Eve plans! (Which, sadly, I already have. See! I told you this year was flying by!)

This weekend, I went home to Plano, Texas for a bridal shower & to see my family. I got to go to the church I grew up in Sunday morning and heard a great sermon with the overall message being this: God's plan always moves forward. Whether we resist or move forward with it doesn't matter in the big picture. God's plan is in motion, always moving onward.

As someone who doesn't like change, who feels more comfortable in the "what was" then in the "what will be," these were powerful words.

I've had a healthy dose of "what was," "what is" and "what will be"- all this month! Yes, 2012 is not only flying by, but bring a few surprises along with it.

My past popped up in an unexpected way this month- reminders of a life I lived once. I'm not sure what to make of it- but it seems a way thinking, a chapter, has closed- and a new one has opened. A more peaceful one. Good. No, great.

As I dealt with my past, I was fully jolted into the "what is," the present, with a break-in next door last week. My neighbor was terrorized, and the intruder was shot and killed by police. My safety bubble, my home turf, was threatened.

And then just days later, my past, present and future all collided. I drank mimosas with some of my oldest friends, reminisced on memories of the past and shared hopeful wishes for the future with my friend who will walk down the aisle in just a few months.

Past, present and future.

Tonight as I write this, my safety bubble has returned. I feel grateful for the past, and so hopeful about the future. We don't know God's plan, and the "what ifs" can drive us crazy! Ghosts from the past and fears for the future can bring us to a stand still, unsure where to go next.

As for me, I'll keep moving forward, one step at a time.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Savoring The Stillness

Well hi, friends!

I know it's been a while. Finally, all of those posts about being so incredibly busy caught up with me and the ultimate crash occurred: on the heels of a nasty cold, I got the flu- which knocked me out for days!

Sometimes we need those little "wake-up" calls, even if it's in the form of a shivering, feverish, aching mess. Even if your family gets to go to the lake and you don't. But I heard the message, loud & clear: too much! I needed a break, and so my body checked out on me.

I got lots of sleep. My wonderful, thoughful friends drove me to the doctor, left soup on my doorstep & mailbox. My mom came up for some TLC. And two weeks later, I'm finally feeling better.

Yesterday, in defiance of the whole sick thing, I ran the St. Patrick's Day 5K in my neighborhood. I had to walk a couple of times, but it was so nice to just do it- do put my legs and lungs to work. Being healthy is SUCH a blessing! Certainly something to appreciate.

But also something to appreciate- being still. One of my favorite Bible versus has always been Psalm 46:10, which starts "Be still, and know that I am God." That whole "being still" thing can be so challenging for me. But when you're sick, you appreciate it so much more. And not just because when your fever soars to 102 you literally have to be still to keep your head from spinning- but because it puts so much in perspective!

Things get taken care of at work. Unanswered emails eventually get tackled. Friends & family come to your rescue. And you get so wrapped up in the Hunger Games that you can't stop reading for days.

Really, you just discover that all of those "must-do's" and stressful things weighing down on you are not worth the stress at all. Worth your time and passion and attention, yes- but when it gets that stressful, that burdonsome- it's time to take a step back and re-evaluate.

Funny how a fever can make you delerious and clear-headed, all at once!

So, I'm back in action. Back to the emails, back to the running, back to the grind. But I'm also taking it easy; enjoying my successes, my health.

Busy and still, all at once.

Sometimes you have to seek out those still moments, and sometimes they smack you in the face- but I challenge everyone, me included, to find those "still" moments this week and savor them!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Auction-Cold-Birthday-Awards Show-Week!

Wow... this week.

Do I sound like a broken record yet?! Every week seems to be busier than the week before. And this week was seriously no exception!

But in the past 10 days, I have spent time with friends & family, eaten copies amounts of cake & champagne, worked hard, played hard. So, can't complain.

Although my body did plenty of complaining in a knock-you-out-on-the-couch-for-24-hours kind of way earlier this week.

We'll get to that.

First- pictures from last Friday's "Single in the City" auction!

My sister, mom, me & dad before the auction got underway.

My friend Leah, my sister, and my friend & co-worker Bonnie before I hit the stage. I'm getting really nervous at this point....

... so why not dance?!

Then we calmed down long enough to take a real picture.

 My favorite & only dad- happy birthday this week, dad! (We're celebrating at the lake house- I can't wait!)

And my pretty mom in her lacy top!

Moments after I was "sold" at auction (proceeds go to charity! That makes it less crazy... right?) we headed back to my house for cake & champagne.

What an amazing birthday! And to top it off, my big present:

I've had my eye on this West Elm desk forEVER and it looks just perfect in my office! In fact, I'm sitting at this little beauty right now.

So after all of the weekend fun, I came down with a MISERABLE cold that left me couch-ridden all day Monday. And Tuesday, my actual birthday, I rallied and made it in to work. I kicked off 28 with a runny nose, a fever, a sore throat.

Fortunately, I recovered in time to produce a great event Thursday night I've been working on for weeks. The Tulsa Press Club Newsies Awards! (Essentially the "people's choice awards" for local media.)

Julie Chin (in the pink) is a former meteorologist in town and a current superstar- she emceed the event! It was a joy to work with her. (Check out her blog!) Andrea Myers was the lead on the whole evening, and she did an amazing job. It was a big success!

The Auction Network production team was (mostly) all in attendance. Lots of talent!

And now this weekend, I enjoyed a a girls night out with new friends, a ranch auction for work & drinks around a cozy fire.

2012, you are busy. And I'm embracing that. But you are also SO full and rich! I'm trying to soak up every day of it.

Here's to another busy week, I'm sure!
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