Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Musings

It's a two cups of coffee kind of morning! But that's OK every now and then, right? Maybe I'm just hanging onto the last shreds of the weekend. Such a great, restful, much needed weekend.

Saturday, I had lunch at Wildfork (one of my Tulsa favorite restaurants) with one of my Tulsa favorite friends. Over her glass of wine and my bloody mary, we talked about our families and her new house and my job and all of the little things that happen in a week that only really special friends care to hear the details about. And, of course, those really big things in the week that rock your world a bit. We had a few of those to discuss, too.

Between Saturday night and early Sunday afternoon, I caught up on a good bulk of my DVR'd shows. We're down to 40% full! That's an accomplishment, because as of Friday- we were at 70%. Don't you love deleting shows from the DVR? I also had to say goodbye to some shows for good. (Don't worry; no Housewives were harmed in this process.)

And Sunday evening, I celebrated a friend's birthday, had good food, went swimming.

A pretty great weekend! No wonder Monday is dragging her feet a bit.

But I'm going into this week with a good attitude. A job to be thankful for. Beautiful weather for my bike ride this morning. Friends who listen and love, a family I get to see this weekend. Especially in light of the devastating grass fires that have rocked our state this week- it's good to remember to be thankful for every little bit of it.

Has anyone felt those occasional wispy hints of fall yet? I've started to, here and there. A leaf turning orange, a cooler-than-normal breeze. We're officially making our way into the final months of 2012.. let's make 'em count!

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