Sunday, September 30, 2012


I'm a voracious reader. And when I pick up a book that I like, and get immersed in, I will typically read it in 24 hours. Or, a long weekend, if it's a particularly long book.
That's kind of how I felt about "Wild"- although that wasn't initially the case.
I downloaded a sample of the book on my iPad weeks ago, after seeing it on the New York Times top 10 list for a while. And reading just the sample made my heart hurt and made me cry. It hit a little too close to home- and so I decided I didn't want to read it. I reached the final sample page, where it prompts you to "buy"- and I said no thank you. Book, shut.
But every time I looked at my library, I saw this boot. And every time I looked at the NYT list, I saw "Wild." And finally- I'm embarrassed to say- the camel that broke the straw's back: Reese Witherspoon is going to make it into a movie.
OK. Sold.
I returned to that "buy" page- and buy I did.
That was Friday; it's now Sunday, and the book is shut, because I finished it. I devoured it. I went to church today with puffy eyes from crying.
In my opinion, books fall into levels. There are the mindless reads. There are the books that you keep coming back to, because you love the characters- like catching up with an old friend. There are the books you never touch again- because they impacted you in such a strong way, you can never relive them. There are the books that find their way to Half Price books, and the ones that will collect dust on your bookshelf for eternity, never to be parted with.
This is one of my favorite books to date. It's a memoir; it's hilarious at times, at gut-wrenching at others. And today, I woke up with questions in my head, images from scenes I read. A secret wish that the author was still hiking the trail that the book centers around- even though she isn't.
I'm a sucker for the journey, for adventure, for heartache, for the need to be alone and the need to be surrounded by loved ones. And sometimes, someone else's words and experiences speak so closely to your heart, that you just absorb all of them.
I'd tell you to read this book, but not because it's easy. If you're like me, you'll find yourself in front of a mirror with a few challenges for yourself.
So, that's my review! Take it or leave it. Sample, or "buy." I had to share my thoughts on it while it's fresh on the brain! :)
Any other good books out there to devour?

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  1. I will have to check it out. I have been really into the author Kristin Hannah and love her stories. They stay with me for awhile. Firefly Lane is the first of hers I read and I think it's one of my favorite books now and I think you would LOVE it!


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