Monday, July 16, 2012


I'm going to try my best not to start this post with a Monday comment.

OK, nevermind. It's Monday again?! Already?!

This weekend breezed by so incredibly fast. I can think of one hour and a half stretch where I had nothing to do. And I spent that hour and a half reading/napping. The rest of the time, I was on the go. I didn't get around to everything I wanted to do- but that's OK. No guilt here.

Saturday morning, the great "animal whisperer" came to my house to "sniff out" the location of that... stinky Friday the 13th smell. Well, he found it! A dead mouse under the threshold of the front door. Serious yuck. But my house once again smells lovely!

I have several weeks- and weekends- of "nothing" coming up. Nowhere to go or be. Just life. I'm actually really happy about that; it seems like since January, there has been one big event after another. I'm excited to put in some serious training hours, work on my house, spend quality time with my friends. Make a few trips down to Texas just because, not for any reason.

I need these times in life- where I can lock into a routine. It kind of stabilizes my soul, you know what I mean? I know I'm adverse to change; but I also think a consistent routine helps me gain some perspective. When my life isn't in constant motion, I can step back, evaluate, think.

With all that said- I have another busy week on tap! And I'm kicking it off this morning by volunteering at Salvation Army with a group from work.

Here's to a great Monday! Friday will be here in the blink of an eye. :)

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