Thursday, July 12, 2012

Friday Eve

I love Thursdays! It's the edge of the weekend, everyone is starting to get out of their mid-week blues. And at work all summer long, we're "On The Road" on Fridays with a fun show- live in different areas of the community.

Insert shameless FOX23 plug here. Watch at 9pm!

Speaking of work- this week has been a doozy. Between late baseball games, first-time show reviews (today, gulp) and just the crazy day-in, day-out stuff... I'm ready for the weekend! But, more thankful than ever for this awesome opportunity. Producing the news, again. Life really comes full circle sometimes, you know?

I also have some other fun stuff in the works. Saturday, I have a skype interview for a potential... gig? A volunteer opportunity that would be pretty cool. I have to give a five-minute "how-to" presentation. Via skype. Wish me luck!

And, can we just say for the record... training for a sprint triathlon... in one million degree heat... is the worst. I took a much needed "off-day" yesterday- but today, back in action. I literally feel like I'm baking alive... WHILE running. Not a pleasant feeling. Anyone have a gym membership they want to loan me for the next few months??

Aside from all of the little side projects going on, I'm also slowly working on house projects again. As every home owner knows, these projects come in phases! I'm putting my focus back into my guest room/office. And, I was excited this week to receive my newest print!

Keep Calm... And Tri On. Good words of advice at the moment! That will eventually be hanging on the wall. But for now, it's pretty cute at my desk. (Please ignore the families in the picture frames; they are not mine. I'm in the process of putting up new pictures!)

I also ordered something adorable from Etsy for those race bibs you see on my desk. Can't wait to reveal this office when it's finally done!

Hope you are all having a good week! I plan on having some major downtime this weekend. Wine on the patio and my latest good book are calling my name.

In the meantime... happy Friday eve!

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