Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Burnout

I can tell that summer is starting to wear me out. You know that critical turning point where a new season- it doesn't matter which one- just needs to begin? Because you're over the last season?

I'm over summer. The heat, the fires. The heat. And, the heat.

But like I said the other day- more and more hints of fall are starting to appear. Those cool breezes are happening more frequently. My a/c is even "off" when I wake up in the morning! No more 24/7 cooling in this house. Good signs.

My final sprint triathlon of 2012 is exactly one month away. One month from yesterday! This will be my last tri of the year. Knowing this has helped me push forward a bit harder in my training; and it's also nice to know that as of September 9th... I will exercise just for the heck of it. Take a break from "training"--- for a few months at least.

I have some new projects on the horizon that are SO exciting to me. Things that allow me to get to do some traveling! (YAY!) And things that really stretch my brain and creative juices. How cool is that? I promise to share more details when I can.

But this fall- and winter- will be an exciting time. Not just the seasons changing- and a break from the training circuit- but trips to Norman and Fayetteville for- oh yeah- college football! I also have my 10-year high school reunion (yikes)... my six month "anniversary" of working at FOX... and a trip to a state where there will most certainly be some snow!

For now, there's still at least eight more weeks of heat... and four more weeks of training. Guess I'll buckle down and enjoy the last bits of summer!

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