Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Let It Go

Sometimes, being an adult scares me so much. Most days- I can coast by, just doing my thing, running around town, busy to-do list. And other days, it's almost paralyzing. Paying bills, scheduling routine doctors appointments, vet check-ups. Car troubles, home repairs. Heart repairs.

It's easy to push it aside most days, but sometimes a little thought from the back corner of my brain pops up and reminds me how easy it would be- is- to lose it all.

That's what happens when we hold onto things too tightly- you know? When we put all of our eggs in one basket, so to speak. Life throws us curve balls. We lose jobs, we lose pets, we lose relationships. We gain faith and strength and a more solid sense of peace in the process. Give and take.

Someone told me the other day that we have to "let it go" daily. Isn't that so true? Let go of the fears and what-ifs. Let go of whatever is holding us back. That's the only way to live life, is to face the risks and heartache head-on.

It's in my nature to worry about things when everything is going perfectly smoothly. There's nothing to worry over! And so, I worry. That's when "letting go" is ultimately put to the test; it's easy to let go when things are hard. What else can you do? But letting go when life is "good"- that's the key.

I've also found that when I'm forced to let go (yes, forced- I'm not good at "willingly" letting it go!)- it's always better on the other side. Even if it's just that we find ourselves in a more honest place- it's better.

So- today I'm letting go of very specific fears. And I'm embracing the fact that being an adult comes with a great risk or two. But it also comes with the sweetest of rewards! And there is no time to waste on what-ifs and fears; life is too good to miss.

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