Sunday, May 27, 2012

Friends For Life

My friend Hilary gets married... two weeks from now!

I can't believe it.

This will be the fifth wedding I've been honored to be a part of- but this one is pretty special in the sense that I've known Hilary so very long. 

We've been friends since 5th grade. Isn't it amazing, sharing that much life with someone? Knowing them inside and out- no matter how many years go by?

We've traveled everywhere together. School trips to New York City and Orlando. Church camp in Boulder. Family vacation in Hawaii. Mission trip in Juarez. Lake house trips.

Which made this lake house bachelorette party last weekend very fitting!

We've been loyal members of the "Fab Five" for what feels like five decades, but really since we were 16. Here's Lauren- also a fab-fiver- me, and Hilary!

We've performed in talent shows together, played on a softball team together ("played" is a loose term, at least for me; more like "failed at" softball!) We danced together, played in band together.

And we've certainly done enough laughing together.

As in, pee-your-pants-in-public laughing.

I can't wait to share her big day with her.

And more than that- I'm so glad to have a friend that's been in my life so long- and will be for a long time to come!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


When I was offered the new job at FOX, I knew one of the biggest adjustments would be my work hours.

Which is funny, because I've never worked "normal" hours- my whole career! I worked overnight for two years at KTUL, then I worked 12-14 hour days at Auction Network. 8-5 just isn't in the cards for me!

My new work shift is 1p-10p. (My show airs from 9pm-9:45ish.) So I knew that would mean a few sacrifices: no more mid-week girls' night dinner; no more swimming on Tuesday nights; no more watching "my shows" live; no more happy hour.

But as the days go on, I'm really enjoying this shift.

I found myself burning out really quickly this year. Long hours, early days- it was hard on me. I constantly battled being sick- and I'm never sick. My long days were taking a toll on me physically, mentally.

Now, I get to sleep in a little. Sleep in! I haven't done that in years! I'm up by 8:30, feeling pretty refreshed. I have my entire morning for a long work-out; quiet time & coffee on my patio. I can meet friends for lunch, or go to a freelance business meeting- during actual work hours!

And by the time I walk through the doors at FOX, I'm ready to tackle my show.

It's been an amazingly nice change of pace for me. I'm feeling more refreshed. I feel healthy- I have time to work out, relieve stress, get fit. Actually sleep for more than 6 hours at a time. I can spend an uninterrupted half hour with my devotional. A nice change of pace, indeed.

As you've probably noticed, I also have time to blog again!

I'm currently reading a great devotional on desire. I'm only a short way in- so I won't get detailed on it yet- but it's stirring something in me.

Life can become stagnant, hum-drum. Routine. God has rocked the boat for me a bit this year, and now he's reminding me that life is for living!

Not only do I feel refreshed physically- but I'm being reignited mentally and spiritually, too.

It's a good feeling!

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Year From Now

It's so comforting to me that life just carries on, day after day. Maybe that's where my "date nostalgia" comes from- where I am constantly reflecting on where we were "a year ago today." Do you do that? My friends claim they find it annoying- but they love it, deep down. That reminder of where we've been, how quickly time flies by.

Wait, does anyone like to remember how quickly time flies by?! Huh... maybe that's why they hate it.

Oh well. I love remembering. I love reflecting. And it's not because I have this huge fascination for the past. I just think to myself, "wow, if that was a year ago... where will we be a year from now?"

So really, it's excitement for the future! Take that, nay-saying friends of mine.

All this to say, time is flying by. 2012 seems like such a blur! And milestones are passing in the blink of an eye. My Maizy turned 1. Don't worry, I won't go down the whole "a year ago" road on that- but seriously! Just think for a minute what your life was like... a year ago.

... OK, moving on.

Life carries on, and we see how quickly it's all flying by, and so we soak up every single moment of it- good and bad.

For example?

I'm already a week into my new job, and feeling more confident by the day.

That sprint triathlon that seemed so far away? It's THIS weekend!

I'm hoping I'm not still sore by Saturday. I water skied this weekend for the first time in a year at my friend Hilary's bachelorette party at the lake.

Her bachelorette party! Time, flying.

And just a few short weeks ago, I went camping with some of my favorite people on this Earth. My first real tent camping experience!

Our campsite was lovingly selected by my friend Bonnie. She scouted out several areas ahead of time and this was her favorite. See the lake in the background? Divine.

See that table? It held: Food. Alcohol. Snacks. Beer. Hummus. Chips. Marshmallows. Chocolate. Chicken. Brats. Potatoes. Eggs. Bacon. Beer. Sangria mix. More chips. You get the picture. We obviously loved that table.

It rained on us every day- but no one minded. It kept things cool- and made for some pretty breath-taking views.

Some of the gang! I love these people. We had a blast. And we're going again!

So yes, life is flying by- but memories are being made. Big changes are happening- but new normals are being established.

It might seem like a blur- so I'm soaking up every single second.

And a year from now? It can wait!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I have a sprint triathlon coming up in less than two weeks- so my training has kicked into high gear!

A 400m swim... a 12 mile bike ride... and a 2 mile run. Sounds easy enough... right?!

The hardest part for me, always, is the bike portion.

A lot of people in the "tri circles" (HA) find that baffling. When I'm at the pool, everyone laments that swimming is their biggest challenge. No one really minds a quick 2 mile run. And the biking? Absolutely NO ONE has a problem with the biking. In fact, for many- that's their strongest sport.

And then, there's me. Swimming has become the easiest for me. Running, a close second. And biking? Always an uphill battle. I feel like I'm always facing a strong headwind.

In Oklahoma, that's halfway true. You're always battling wind- either going out, or coming back.

But lately, it seems that headwind is making an appearance even when I'm not pedaling.

Life has thrown me a few curve balls this year. Some have been so surprising in the best way possible. And some have made me question everything, made my heart hurt.

I've hit a few potholes in 2012. And the headwind seems to be finding me on both sides of the ride.

So there are two ways to look at it. The first being, life is tough. We get the wind knocked out of us. We ride uphill, into the wind, 24/7. No breaks, no relief. And no fun, no enjoyment, just grinding away.

Or there's the second way to look at it. All of this pedaling into the wind makes us strong. We're building stamina and resistance to the wind. We find that little spark inside that says this isn't just another grueling work-out; this is kind of fun. I'm proud of myself. I'm looking forward to reaching the finish line.

And eventually, doing it all over again.

Life is a bit uncertain for me these days, but I'm finding my groove again. Either the wind is easing up, or I'm just getting stronger.

And that's off of the bike! I'm still working on finding that sweet spot when I'm pedaling down Riverside, straight into the headwind.

But I have a feeling come race day, I'll be ready.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Sunday- and Happy Mother's Day to all of you mommas out there! Especially one in particular, mine!

Being a good mom is such a huge accomplishment- so when a good mom is also her daughter's good friend, I'd say that's a job well done! :) 

I'm so thankful that my mom is my closest friend. Someone I can share everything with, who is always looking out for me, guarding my heart & fighting my battles when I can't, and encouraging me and pushing me along when I can.

She's also a great "nanny-kat" to Maizy. We love you, mom!

Days like today make it hard to live in a different state than your family. Right now, my 3 siblings and both parents are at a movie. They went to church together today, they're having dinner together tonight. My heart is so full that they are celebrating my mom together- but it's also hard to be four hours away, missing out on all of the fun!

So I've busied myself with church, a bike ride AND run (tri countdown: 2 weeks), a little yard work (HA) and now some R & R on the couch.

I have a busy week of training on tap at FOX this week, too! (Did you all see my last post? New job!)

Lots of changes, lots of adjustments. And more to come on all of that this week.

But for today- give your mom a phone call, or better yet- a hug!

Mom, your hug today is virtual- but I love you just the same! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Another New Normal

Well hi there, lovely readers!

It's always so daunting to write a new blog post after taking so much time off. Where do I start? How do I jump back in? It's like a conversation with a friend you haven't talked to in a while. It may take a few minutes (or in the case of my wonderful friends, a few seconds) to warm up- but after that, it's like no time has passed.

So hopefully that paragraph counted as the warm-up! Let's jump right in. Life has certainly thrown me a few curve balls in the past few weeks.

At the end of April, I was laid off from my job. Have any of you ever gone through that? To be perfectly honest, it was absolutely heart-breaking. Losing a job, feeling that terrible sense of insecurity is so hard. I left my car parked in the garage for two straight days, not wanting to use a single ounce of gas. And when I finally started driving again, I would pull into my garage and start crying, looking at my precious house and wondering, what am I doing to do?

And that was just the first weekend!

Aside from the feeling of insecurity, I was also heart-broken. It was like being dumped. You feel such a sense of loss, an era ending. Wondering what did I do wrong, what could I have done better?

The truth of the matter is this: my former company has been- and continues- to struggle. And I say that in the kindest way possible. I learned so much there, made some of the best friends of my life there. I truly became a real adult during my time there- and a real producer, too.

Coming to that realization took me a few days. I found a spot across the river that I would run to every day last week- then sit and just spend some quiet time in prayer, often in tears. But as the days wore on, I felt stronger and more certain that this was all part of a bigger plan. I found my confidence again, my sense of pride. Nothing- and no one- has the power to strip you of those things.

Last week, I interviewed for, was offered and accepted a job with Fox News as the 9pm producer. It's still such a wild thing, how quickly life changed on me- and I feel SO blessed to have this opportunity! Back in TV- can't believe it! But I'm thrilled. So happy, so thankful. I started yesterday. My "unemployment" lasted four days; I know not everyone can say that.

Being an adult isn't easy. My 20's have been so wonderful- I've fallen in love, pursued my career, bought a car, bought a house. My 20's have also been a decade of serious change and growth; I've had my heart broken, lost a pet, lost a job.

No, being an adult isn't easy. And despite the endless support from friends and family- no person can come in and "rescue" you. Success is relative, but hard work, loyalty, and finding joy from a deeper source are invaluable discoveries I've making over the course of this decade.

God is opening my heart right now in so many ways- to change, to forgiveness, to new chapters, new beginnings and another "new normal."

It's a wild ride- but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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