Sunday, August 26, 2012


If you're wondering who this impostor is, actually blogging on Lindsay's Lounge...

It's me! It really is!

I'm sorry for the mid-summer's..... nap. I haven't blogged in weeks- and it hasn't been for lack of wanting to. I have been running non-stop for several weeks now- and this is my first weekend to sit back and actually process life a little bit.

I've jumped on here so many times in the past few weeks to say a quick hello- but it always seems scattered and rushed.

So, here I am. With updates!


-Went home to Plano for a weekend to spend time with my brothers before they headed back to college. We ate, we swam, we laughed. Great weekend.

-Dentist appointments, vet appointments (yikes, a post in itself), new shoes for my car and new brake pads. It's been a busy month of "life" stuff.

-I was selected to be on a "Presentation Team" for my sorority- Gamma Phi Beta! I applied a few months ago, had a skype interview, and now I'm one of 13 women who gets to travel the country, making presentations to Gamma Phis in different regions. (Hello, Boston!)

-My freelance projects are picking up steam faster than ever. Can't share too much yet- but we're doing some exciting things!

-My final Sprint Triathlon of 2012 is a week from this coming Saturday. My training has been slower for this race; I've had a lot of days where I put "training" aside and just run or bike or the joy of it. I can tell I need a little break after this race where I'm not training for anything!

.... And I'm doing all of this in my free-time, when I'm not having fun at FOX! (Ha!) My full-time job is going so well. Three months in, and I'm feeling more confident & comfortable than ever. I work with some fun, talented people- always a plus.

One final note- lately, I've been working hard to find a little extra joy in every day. My days are filled with plenty of promise and challenge and excitement and laughter; but sometimes, I think it's important to remember the joy- the things we can come back to day after day.

Lately, that joy has been working hard all day; and coming home at night to my house, my world, and just soaking it in. A job (jobs) I love; people I love; a home I love. And a savior to give thanks to. Life can't get much better than that!

Hope you've had a happy August! I think my favorite season is inching closer and closer....

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