Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hot Summer Days

Highs in the 100's this week?! No thank you! This heat is brutal and miserable.

I can't believe I'm saying this- but I wouldn't mind a snowy, icy-cold winter!

I'm seriously having visions of the day I turn my heater on, drink hot coffee all day long (possibly with a dash of Bailey's). I'm even excited to run in the freezing cold. I bought some cute long-sleeved running attire last year that I hardly wore!

Two hot summers in a row... with a mild winter in between, if you could even call it that... is just not cutting it.

It makes the natives restless.

The heat is driving all kinds of... visitors?... indoors. And Maizy is loving every minute of it.

She spends most of her evenings hunting bugs.....

... and her mornings completely exhausted. The guest room used to be Maizy's room when she was a kitten and too little to wander the house on her own.

Now, she takes up half the bed.  *Sniff!!*

Hang in there, everyone. We're almost to the weekend!

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