Sunday, December 9, 2012

Don't Cry Because It's Over

Trying not to cry that the weekend is already over.
I was so looking forward to this weekend! And it flew by.
But, I got a ton of stuff done. Don't you feel better about Monday morning when you've had a productive weekend?
Sheets?  Washed.
Laundry? Done.
Floors? Cleaned.
Pantry cupboard? Stocked.
It all started Friday... with a little Starbucks, a little blogging and Facebooking and tweeting.

Then, a party at my best friend's parents' house Saturday night. Lots of good food, wine. Friends for 10 years... and counting!

And naturally, there was some couch time. Maizy is a remote hog.

Plus, a little coffee- and a dash of Bailey's--- for an afternoon snack.
Productive weekend. Quick, but productive.
And there's no time to slow down! I leave for Denver on Friday for a sorority training weekend. Then... it's my Christmas week with the family!
Despite the busy, hectic & frazzle- I'm trying to remember the reason for the season and soak it all in before I wake up and it's 2013!
Have a great week!

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