Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cold Showers

I've had to take two freezing cold showers in the past two days.

My water heater pilot light went out. And after numerous attempts on my end to fix it- and my dad patiently walking his OCD daughter through the steps a thousand times to ensure my house didn't explode- still, no cigar.

I know people say it's part of owning a house. It's part of being an adult. This is what we do! We work hard and earn a paycheck so we can pay our bills... and fix things. And sometimes squeeze in a little bit of fun.

Lately, it seems like that "fun" is replaced with one grown-up, adult to-do item after another. The water heater is last- but certainly not THE last- in a long line of fix-its this year including four tires, brake pads, a dead mouse removal... and a partridge in a pear tree?!

So, naturally, I've thrown the ultimate pity party. There are days it seems hard and daunting and overwhelming to be "on your own"- even though I have tons of friends and an amazing family who is always there to help.

And some days, I can't believe it have to DO IT ALL. Like, pay the bills AND get an oil change AND make an appetizer for a party AND do the laundry/clean the house/call the insurance agent AND work all day, like, full-time?!

Pity party, table for 1.

The reality is- I'm a grown-up who still needs to throw an occasional temper tantrum.

And then, once that temper tantrum is over, I'm overwhelmed with a new sensation- how lucky, how blessed am I that these are my troubles?

That usually quiets the whine pretty fast.

Because the truth is, I'm blessed beyond measure. Everything always works out. I have a support system that is unmatched.

In fact- the only thing I'm missing? A hot shower.

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