Friday, July 13, 2012

Stinky Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th really stinks.

No, literally.

Since yesterday morning.... something has been stinking up my house. At first I ignored the stench; just a weird summer smell, I thought to myself.

(What is a weird summer smell? Not sure how I justified that one.)

Then I got home last night from work- and it stunk worse than ever.

BUT- this morning, I wake up to no smell! I was thrilled. I figured some poor creature possibly died underneath my house... and a scavenger came and took care of it for me overnight.

Seriously, how do I justify these thoughts?

But I come home after my bike ride this morning- and BAM. Stink. Is. Back.

I am really sensitive to smells. A few winters ago, during a major no-one-works-for-five-days-straight snow storm, I started to smell gasoline. I even had our gas company trek out in the storm to check it out. Nope, no gas leak. But I figured it out! A sheet of ice was covering my heat vent outside--- and trapping some harmless fumes. Which were then sent into the house, where a crazy, type-A, OCD woman lives. Where said woman freaks out and envisions her house blowing up in a ball of flames.

All this to say, I will not sleep or rest easy until this stinky smell is eliminated. It unsettles me.

And, worst of all, I have now had to cancel a lunch meeting for said stink. I was out of coffee, so I had to make a cranky, mad dash to the grocery store where my usual coffee AND creamer were both out of stock. Even my go-to face cleanser was out.

No, don't feel sorry for me. These are just the ramblings of a girl living in a stinky house.

Did I mention I looked forward to today's lunch meeting all week?

Yeah, yeah, best laid plans and all that.

But, on the bright side- it's Friday! One more newscast to produce tonight before a weekend of long runs, bike rides, yard work, girls' night and more.

Let's hope Saturday the 14th- smells a lot better than Friday the 13th!

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