Friday, December 7, 2012

Enjoy Home

Happy Friday!
I hope you've had a great week. Mine has been a touch long, a tad stressful, and a teensy bit.... expensive. (Yes, the water heater. What we pay for hot water, good grief.)
But--- it's Friday!  And this weekend, I have one major goal: enjoy home.
I know that probably sounds weird. But this is the last weekend before Christmas- and one of the last weekends in December- I will actually be in Tulsa. I'm heading to Denver next weekend with my sorority, then I'll be out of town celebrating Christmas with the family.
Well, "Early Christmas" is what we're calling it. I'll be working Christmas Eve/Day!
Anyway, enjoy home. That's what I want to do this weekend. Play catch-up, make the house clean, spend time with Maizy, run & bike on my trails. Have a little too much wine with my best friend. Just enjoy home.
Also- do you Instagram? I'm a new fan--- and I snapped a few pictures this week.

Runner Girl. I will rock my pink "lake" sunglasses as long as possible.
Perfect weather, perfect Oklahoma sunsets. One of my favorite things about this state.

A trouble-maker and "helper." I'm about to buy my second iPhone power cord this WEEK because she keeps chewing them up.

Friday bliss. Blogs, coffee, email, Facebook, more coffee.

Enjoy home.

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