Thursday, June 30, 2011


Wow... where did June go?! I can't believe it's been nearly 2 weeks since my last blog post. I feel like everything has changed and nothing has changed! I'm sorry I've been "absent"...

My life has been consumed the past few weeks with work...

... adjusting to life with a new kitten...

... and squeezing in time with my favorites whenever possible!

The Fourth of July weekend is here- seriously, can we reflect for a minute how crazy-fast 2011 is flying by?!- and it makes me think a lot about where I was this time last year. July 2010 was the cusp of a lot of change for me.

In the last year, I have learned so much about accepting change- maybe not embracing it entirely, but accepting it. I've grown SO much. I've experienced loss, but gained so much more.

I've spent the last 10 years watching the fireworks show at the lake on the 4th of July. Some years I've been single; some years I've had someone to hold my hand through the show. The first few years I was young and blissfully naive; it was just a pretty show. As I got older, it was a moment to wish I was sharing with someone else. And in recent years, I did get to share it with someone else.

So much changes over the years- but no matter what, July 4th is a time to sit surrounded by my loved ones and watch the fireworks show. It's like New Year's Eve in a way; a celebration, a fresh start for a new year.

And this year as I sit and watch the fireworks on the roof of our boat house, surrounded by friends and family and SO many blessings- I will contemplate all of the things I have to celebrate now, July 2011.

(ONE more time- July?! July?! Halfway to Christmas?!)

I have lots of "stuff" to share in the coming weeks. I want to do a "halfway-through-2011" update on those 15 New Year's Resolutions of mine; I want to share my excitement for my upcoming trip to San Diego in August; I want to talk about the books I'm reading, music on my playlist, plans for a house anniversary/house warming party this fall.

... But I'm going to unplug for just a few more days... take a long weekend... and celebrate another year on the roof of the boathouse, watching the fireworks show.

Have a happy 4th!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Changing it Up

Happy Friday! The weeks are passing insanely fast these days. And it's funny, because I feel like each day goes by soooo sloooowly... and then all of the sudden, it's Friday again and another week has passed. And it's hotter outside, and we're deeper into summer. Closer to fall! My favorite season.

I am currently in the midst of a season of change. I have done a lot of thinking the past few weeks about the topic. There are some people that thrive on change; they need new, new new- drama, challenges, jobs, boyfriends.

I'm here to tell you I am firmly, formally, forcefully, NOT one of those people. I would keep everything the same, forever and ever, if I could. And one question keeps rising to the surface: why is even good change hard for me?

The day I registered for classes at OU, the summer before going to college, I remember sitting with my parents at lunch and crying. Not because I didn't love OU and feel strongly it was the place for me.

Leaving my job at KTUL for a new job. I cried for days at the weight of the decision. Not because I didn't think the opportunities would be better, brighter at Auction Network.

Or, the day I signed the papers to my house. Tears. Lots of them. Not because I thought I'd live in my apartment forever.

Even the addition of Maizy in my life. As I shared a few weeks ago, it was a struggle for me at first. Not because I am not absolutely in love with her and thrilled I can give her a good home.

It's because change, even good, represents an ending in my mind. A chapter that has been finished, a story that's ending. My high school years... my first job... my first apartment... my worry-free existence (ha) so to speak.

I've never been good about endings; I always want the party to last a little bit longer, the family weekends to stretch a bit further, the pages in the book to keep magically appearing.

God keeps challenging me in this area, and so now I'm challenging myself, too. Change- good or bad- means risk. There are no guarantees. But we move forward and take risks and grow and yes, change. Because living in a bubble of sameness doesn't mean you're free from hurt or worry.

I'm challenging myself to switch up my routine. Work more reasonable hours. Be open to what could be- and yes, potential wonderful things that could require a change or two in my life.

My heart is open and I'm just going to go with it... whatever "it" is. And if "it" brings about a good change or two... I promise not to shed any tears!

Well, maybe just happy ones.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Week In Pictures

Happy Sunday! What a whirlwind week it's been! I feel like a new mom AND a working mom at the same time. Yes, I'm talking about the joys of having a new kitten. I'm so thankful my mom has been here this week to help me out. Between work and an energetic bundle of fluff... I'm not sure what I would have done without her help! I better get this under control... if I can't balance life with a kitten, what will motherhood be like?! I guess I have a few years to work on that. :)

Here's a glimpse at my week in pictures. Thank goodness for the iphone to help document my favorite moments!

My youngest brother's high school graduation. I flew to Dallas to join my family and watch Mikey walk across the stage! SO proud of him. We had a great brunch afterwards at the Palm restaurant in the West End. Fun family time.

... followed by more fun family time in my parent's pool! See that little arbor over there? My dad built it. I'd LOVE one in my own backyard. (Hint, hint.)

Of course, the princess herself. This was taken 3 days ago, when she slept through the night like a sweet angel. Since then, she has taken to not sleeping through the night without being held and biting my nose at random throughout the night. But she's still a baby (6 weeks now!) so I'll give her a pass. :)

One of her new favorite perches... the back of the couch.

I helped produce a video shoot at a ranch my company is auctioning in July. It's called "Sonrise Ranch"- and it's beautiful. (Except for the tick I found on my chest when I got home. Gross.)

A French 75 at Vintage 1740. Gin, champagne, lemon... deliciousness in a glass.

And of course, fun times with friends. So thankful these goofballs are not just co-workers, but friends too.

So there's my week in pictures! We're in the blazing days of summer- where did the last year go?! When I'm not working or entertaining Maizy, I'm trying to squeeze in runs and bike rides without passing out from heat exhaustion.

Stay tuned! This week I'm kicking off a summer checklist of must-do's and see's of the season!

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A New Beginning

Ok, I know, I know... another long posting hiatus. But! I have a good reason. A cute, furry, cuddly reason:

Meet Maizy! She is so precious. She's five weeks old, can you believe it? I thought I was taking on a soft, sweet, fragile baby who was going to need a lot of nurturing.

She definitely needs a lot of nurturing- but she's not fragile! Maizy wants to explore, jump on the couch, jump off the couch (stressful for momma!) and eat, eat, eat. All good things, right?

Honestly, the hardest part of this whole deal hasn't been my newly sleepless nights or the energy of a new kitten.

It's been letting go of a piece of the past I was still holding onto. I have some deep fears and insecurities about this whole thing and I struggled with it a lot the past week. In fact, there were moments I wondered if I could even do this again. I considered finding her another home.

Because, the facts are... I work a lot. And I already had a kitten, a cat I loved so very much and lost in an unexpected way. It makes you wonder if you're up for the challenge again.

I'm still not sure if I'm ready. I am scared of her getting sick or hurt. I'm anxious at the thought of giving up a piece of my precious freedom. I'm worried about her being lonely when I'm working long hours.

So with a lot of faith- and some good, old-fashioned guts- I'm going to give it go. Because at the end of the day, I'm giving her a good home with a lot of love. She needs me. And maybe I don't know it yet- but I'll need her, too.

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