Friday, June 29, 2012

Can't Wait

We made it to Friday!

Tomorrow morning- early- I had to East Texas to join my family at our lakehouse. I seriously can't wait. The lake puts on a great fireworks show- which happens tomorrow night- and of course we spend the weekend eating, drinking and out on the boat.

My mom also informed me (she's already at the lake, waiting) that she rearranged the furniture so it's more "game friendly."

Yes, that is how important games are to this family.

As for today, I'm enjoying a rare "rest morning."

Yesterday, I went to the YMCA to swim, and I took my work-out clothes with me so I could do some running, too. What a difference it makes, running on the "dreadmill" after running outside in this heat! It was awesome. And gave me a little boost of confidence about that sprint triathlon I accidently signed up for.

Although during the race, the pool will be a lake, and the dreadmill will be rocky, hot roadway.


Anyways, I'm a firm believer in rest days- for everything. Not just physically- in every way.

Just a chance to listen to music, have the TV drone on in the background- or embrace the silence- drink a cup (or two) of good coffee. It really does a body good.

So that's how I'm spending my morning hours. Refreshing, rejuvenating, celebrating the end of a week of hard work.

It's like a mini treat to myself.

How do you treat yourself during the week? What do your "off" days entail?

Next week- already looks long. Meetings and lunches nearly every day before work. Tri-training. And we're in the middle of "sweeps" at work- July ratings for TV.

But that's next week.

Today, tomorrow and Sunday- you won't find me at a meeting or at work- but instead with a cup of coffee drink in my hand and good people around me!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

For The Love of Writing

I've heard people who work in TV- especially producers- lose their love of writing, because that's what they do all day long.

It took me a few weeks to get back "in the grove" of writing an hour long newscast, every day. To be fair- with commercials included- it's probably around 30 minutes of actual news. 29 to 30 stories total.

And each story- needs to make it's mark. It's not just writing the words; it's thinking about how to present the stories. Which anchor will read them. What graphics you will include. Will there be an "over the shoulder" graphic? Will you have bullet points of information? Is there a picture or video?

Lots of things to think about.

I'm getting into the swing of it. I can churn out a quick story in just minutes. I have a better grasp of the overall flow of the show. It's easier to put the pieces together and see the big picture.

And oddly enough- writing news every day doesn't make me want to write less; it makes me want to write more.

I write in a journal in the morning. I write to-do lists all day long. Then I go to work and write scripts. And lately, I've wanted to jump in here more often and update my blog.

I think part of that- is a need to write what I want to write. You've heard the phrase- the news usually writes itself; but Lindsay's Lounge, or my journal, needs my thoughts and opinions and prayers.

Life, in my own words.

Another part of it- is making it a habit. I thrive off of daily routine. A routine of fitness, of quiet time- and now, writing is once again front and center. It keeps my creative juices flowing.

There's always a danger of discovering what you love- and making a living out of it.  It could get old, tiresome, stale.

But I think when we're doing what we're truly called to do- something just clicks into place.

I don't know if I will be a news producer forever- but I will certainly always be a writer.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012



We all feel it at one time or another. And there's nothing like a week of never-ending heat to make the days feel monotonous.

And... in walks restlessness.

I just finished a devotional I love- called "Desire" by John Eldredge.

I love John Eldredge devotionals- because he speaks so truly about the male and female heart. Not about our prayer life, not about our "duty" as Christians- but about our hearts. And he brings it all into perspective with the Bible- but with a mix of literature references and poetry, too.

Basically- he's a writer who talks a lot about the heart, and it all speaks right into this writer's heart.


Anyway, I recommend it to everyone. He addresses everything from letting our desires get away from us- to squashing our desires altogether- to feeling restless. And finding a good balance in all of it.

I think everyone is programmed to deal with that restlessness in different ways. For me, it comes full circle and always ends up with me needing an adventure or a challenge.

Since traveling is my first choice- and not always the most reasonable/affordable one- I think that's where my love of fitness comes in.

I may have *accidently* signed up for a sprint triahtlon that I knew nothing about- only that it was nearby.

And after hitting submit, realized- it's a lake swim (my first) that's nearly double what I've raced in the past (ahem. WHAT?!)

The moral of the story is this: due to my restless heart, I have now signed up for the hardest sprint triathlon yet.

And now, in the hottest dog days of summer, I must train for said triathlon.

I don't think this is what John meant when he talked about finding "balance."

Restless heart syndrome! It makes a girl do crazy things. Take caution.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Recap

Summer is officially here! I really can't believe it. 2012 seems to not only be going by quickly- but speeding up, too! Weeks are flying by, and weekends are even faster.

My mom & sister spent the weekend here in Tulsa- and it was HOT! We went for a bike ride in this heat. Just too much! My sunburned arms can attest to that.

I guess my alarm will start going off at 6 or 7am to get a work-out in before the 100 degree temps arrive. Sigh.

It would be nice to take the summer off from working out (HA) but that won't be happening anytime soon. I just signed up for another sprint triathlon- and I guess I should have read the fine print before hitting the "submit" button. It's a lake swim- nearly double what I'm used to!

Guess who will be swimming laps at the lake this 4th of July weekend?!

On Sunday morning, my mom- quite the chef these days- whipped up a batch of pancakes a la Joy The Baker. Not just any pancakes- blueberry almond orange pancakes, with a special syrup go on it.

Delicious- an understatement.

We're also rocking some patriotic nails! My mom got a white pedicure- my sister an orange-red- and I'm sporting the blue. Team America?!

Finally, we bawled our way through the Kristin Chenoweth concert in Broken Arrow last night.

My mom, sis & I have an odd reaction of just simply crying when we hear beautiful music. Just attend any musical with us to see the waterworks begin.

It was awesome. She was awesome. Beautiful music, fun night!

So another weekend in the books, and another work week on tap.

And another fun weekend ahead- the lake with the family.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Happy Sunday! And not just any Sunday- Father's Day!

A picture of me & my favorite (and only!) dad. I love you, dad!

It's hard living far away from your family. And even though four hours isn't too bad- it's not close enough to pop in every weekend. So birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day are always a little hard for me.

Because it's all about me! Right?  :) Have a great day Dad- I'm thinking of you all day long!

Honestly, I can't believe we're fully into summer. I'm in the mindset that "summer is around the corner"- and then I realize, it's here. Hot days, long evenings. Kids playing at the splash pad, the constant music of ice cream trucks.

As I get older, I embrace summer more and more. I used to not be an "outdoors" girl- so summer was just my least favorite time of year.

Now that I embrace the outdoors more- hey, I've been camping once, remember?!- I appreciate it much more.

Biking & running for long distances gives me a greater appreciation for my outdoor surroundings.

And even though the day to day grind is the same in the summer when you're an adult- there's still something carefree about summer that you just can't beat.

And if there's dip on your face by the pool, who cares?! I love this little gal- and her momma in the background- and spending time at the pool with them.

My friend Hilary got married last weekend- such a beautiful bride! I loved flying in, getting manicures & pedicures, having a delicious lunch, getting hair and make-up done, and standing next to her at the alter as she said her vows. Such a special summer day.

Maizy loves summer. I roll up the blinds in the living room so she can bask in the sunlight. This is her favorite perch- on top of the couch. Such a big girl! This time last year- she couldn't jump onto the couch, much less sprawl on top of it like she's queen of the jungle. Such a love bug.

This. You know something is delicious when you're already excited about tomorrow- a Monday, of all days!- so you can make it again. This is a kale/spinach/almond milk/banana/peanut butter smoothie, a la Joy The Baker. The perfect summer smoothie. It rocked my world- especially after a near-fainting on the bike this morning. Healthy, sweet, nutritious, filling, yummy. Make it, asap.

If you're a fan of fall, a siren of spring or just wistful about winter, let it go! Grab onto summer and just embrace it. The sunshine, the warmth, the memories, the smoothies- it's all good.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Glittery Day

Do you ever have those days where you wake up- and everything just looks different? Today I feel that way- in a really good way.

I'm re-noticing all of the little things about my house I love. My short drive to the bank made me appreciate my little neck of the woods- people having breakfast at Brookside By Day, folks watering their lawns.

There are days I wake up and the impact of this great life I'm living- just hits me! The daily grind stops for a minute- and I just soak in the big picture.

It could be because it's Saturday- and duh, who doesn't feel great on Saturday?!

It could be because this weekend is a short reprieve from "the busy"- no big plans- and the next two weekends are jam-packed with fun, fun fun.

It could be I'm just happy. I feel like I turned a corner at FOX this week. I speak up more, interact more. I have a solid handle on my show. I enjoy it.

It could be because no matter how the roads change up on me- I am surrounded by great friends and family, the kind that stick around no matter what.

Yeah, everything looks a little different today- a little shiny, a little glittery.

In fact, I think it probably looks like that everyday. Some days- it's just easier to see!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Listen Up

This week is really flying by.

I started the week thinking it would drag on and on.

That always happens when you have an exciting weekend ahead- in this case, my good friend Hilary's wedding!

But instead- it's flipped by. A stack of clothes still waits to go to Goodwill. I need to run errands, do laundry, pick up the house.

But instead of getting a head start on any of those things- I just wanted to get real for a few minutes about my life these days.

I've mentioned it a time or two- how I started a new job this month, working at FOX.

And it's going- really well. I can't believe how easy it was to jump back into TV!

I'm still remembering/re-learning new things- but for the most part, I get to come into work every day... select the news stories... put my show together... and see it through on-air.

And while that sounds like a lot of work- and it is- it's also been such a breath of fresh air.

I really believe God points us in a certain direction every now and then. Like- maybe we have blinders on and can't see clearly ahead- so he just takes control and steers us onto a whole new road.

That's how I felt for a long time before this month rolled around. I was sort of in a fog; unclear of what needed to come next, but knowing I needed a change.

My heart- my world- was wrapped up in the wrong thing.

And now- the windshield has been wiped clean. The course still seems uncertain, but we're moving in the right direction.

I've realized I'm now in a season of listening. My world isn't consumed by any one thing; work isn't my core function every day.

Instead, my day includes lazy mornings with coffee and my devotional. Long bike rides and runs. And work is a rewarding part of my day; it's not the whole of my day. Does that make sense?

All this to say, I have more time to think and listen. Nothing seems quite so urgent at the moment. Life is being relished and lived- instead of hurried through, another day checked off.

Oh! And speaking of checklists! I used to have a meticulous, loooong checklist waiting for me at my desk every day. Of things to do- at work, after work, at home, on the phone, in between meetings, etc.

The checklist is still there, of course. It's just shorter. It serves it's function- in precise bullet points.

So, that's my world these days. A refreshing change of pace, and a season to just sit back a little bit and listen.

It's good right?

Spend time listening: check

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Back In The Game

May started off as a bumpy month. My time at Auction Network came to a close, and I was left wondering what was going to come next.

Fortunately, that uncertainty lasted only a short week before the next opportunity came along.

And so May became a month of new beginnings. A new job, a "new normal."

For a girl who doesn't love change, the transition could not have been smoother. It was the right time for a change. Doesn't that make all the difference?

I'm loving the "new normal"- and the hours that come with it. I have time back. Time to run real errands. The bank! The grocery store! Time to pursue my other interests. Time for legitimate "quiet time" every day- and time to work out.

I competed in a Sprint Triathlon last Saturday- one I signed up for months ago.

When May started, I wondered how I would ever be able to complete my training in time. My life was in such transition.

But I made time.

When May started, I felt unprepared.

But as I swam and biked and ran during my race, I thought of how blessed I am. How everything happens for a reason. How strength comes in so many forms- physical, mental, spiritual.

When May started, there wasn't a lot to smile about.

And when I crossed the finish line last weekend, there was SO much to smile about.

So much can happen in a month!

And even though getting a medal at the end always feels good...

...during that race, I was happy just to be back in the game.

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