Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Comfort Zone Shake-Ups

I'm trying to get into a new Fall routine. And so far, so good.

I still work out every day or every other day, but not quite so intensely. No big races to train for until 2013!

(Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving not included. Any race that includes copious amounts of food and a big nap later on are OK in my book.)

I'm also treating myself on Friday's with a walk to Starbucks in the morning. I sit out on their patio, read a book on my iPad, and enjoy a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Yes, I know. Sounds pretty good right about now.

But I'm also finding that I need that little... spark of challenge. For someone who doesn't like change, I sure do love those butterflies that come with doing something out of the ordinary.

I'm trying to expand myself in different ways right now. Falling into a new routine, and pushing myself at the same time.

I'm on a committee for my sorority that- so far- has been so much fun. In the coming months, I'll get to travel to Kansas City, Boston & Denver. New people to work with, presenting topics in front of a group. Right up my alley- and a challenge, too.

I'm also contemplating joining the Tulsa Bicycle Group (let's hope they don't laugh me off the road!) and picking up my never-ending quest for a church home.

Routine and change. Comfort and challenge. Stability and shake-ups.

I'm finding that I like a mix of both. I need a mix of both.

It's certainly shaping the way I see 2013, too. I already know I'll go into next year with less fear, fewer reservations, and more closure. And I think that's a good foundation for some big, exciting new challenges. In fact, that's my greatest hope for the next year- that I push myself out of my comfort zone.

Because I have a gut feeling that some great rewards are on the other side of those challenges.

2013! Getting ahead of myself here. For now, let's get through the week! And look forward to that Pumpkin Spice Latte on Friday. :)


  1. May I just say - I LOVE your Friday treat?! And way to go on your sorority position - Gamma Phi is really blessed to have you on their team. Hope your week is going well :)

  2. DENVER!?!?!? Why have you not told me about this?!?!?!?!


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