Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Obviously, I'm a lover of words. I love writing them, I love speaking them, I love reading them.

And- I feel like what we say to people- whether we're writing them or texting them or talking to them- is SO important. It makes such a big difference.

I work in a stressful business. And I find that sometimes, it's easier to find the "what's wrong" than point out the "what went right."

Isn't that true in life, too? It seems easier to give someone "constructive criticism" than encouragement. It's easier to tell your loved one what you need from them, instead of what you can give. It's easier to complain, than initiate real change.

I'm trying to be aware of that these days. Giving encouragement. Because everyone needs to know what they're doing right. I think we're all too aware of our faults.

Sometimes- being the one to encourage means you're left a little empty. You need someone to do the encouraging right back- and that doesn't always happen right away.

But then you read something- a blog post, a passage- and you feel encouraged. Your dreams feel validated. The things you're patiently waiting for- that just seem a bit far away- feel a little closer to reality.

You spend a little time in prayer, and you find fulfillment and encouragement that is lasting. And you hold onto it, really tightly.

You go for a run or a bike ride and remember that you're strong, that you've got it together (most days, ha!) and give thanks that you're healthy.

Encouragement comes in a lot of different forms.

For me, I'm going to keep handing out those positive words. There's a bit of a shortage; and I plan to make up for it in my little corner of the world.

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