Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Long Post, Simple Message.

I've been spending a lot of time thinking about my blog lately- and it's because I have such a huge passion for this little niche I've stumbled upon!

You'll notice I'm sprucing things up a bit- adding a few new features, trying out some things. I'm launching into the scary world of videos (gulp) in the coming months!  Fun things, things I do in my every day work life that I'd love to start incorporating more & more into this little space of mine.

It's made me really contemplate "journalism"- what the word means. What it meant when I graduated from journalism school at OU; what it has meant through my career so far; what it means to me today.

Journalism was pretty black and white when I graduated college.  You studied print or broadcast- and from those two departments, you might work for a newspaper (yes, whole classes devoted to newspaper writing!); you might work for a magazine; or you might work for a television station.

I had a hard time picking between print and broadcast because honestly, I just loved to write. I loved to tell a good story, craft the right words to tell it. And I wasn't sure which platform would suit me best.

I'm a thoughtful writer; I love long sentences, complicated words and in-depth features. I was perfectly suited to work for a magazine, even become a newspaper columnist.

So why did short, snappy writing... intense deadlines... and lights, camera, action beckon me into the world of TV? I can only say it was a God thing!

I'm so glad, today, that I was technically a "print" major who launched into the world of broadcast; I have applied skill sets unique to each field to so many areas of life.

As my career unfolds, I'm finding that media is not black and white. Being a producer is more than just bossing people around. And being a writer- writing content that's good, is key- whether it's a :30 promo or a 10-page feature.

Content is king- a common catchphrase in "J" school.

So today, I'm happy that my career as a journalist means I get to produce a live, daily broadcast in the manner of a newscast- all business. I get delve into my more emotional side, my thoughtful side, my lengthy, long, feature-y side, here on Lindsay's Lounge. And I get a quick fix of news, information and snippets of writing via social media.

I'm making journalism work for me. And hopefully, that works for you to. 

And the best part? It all excites me. I'm not relegated to one type of media, one style of writing. I'm challenged every day- whether it's learning to edit videos or editing my verbose way of writing into 140 succinct characters on Twitter.

All of the elements I love in life- from writing to socializing to news and media- has found a way to converge into one awesome passion.

And it's a passion I know will carry on into the future- whether I'm writing for an Emmy-winning TV show or writing about my baby's first day of kindergarten.

Thanks, as always, for reading my words! You give them life.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Crank Up The Volume

Today was a cranky Monday.

Oh, you know you have them, too!

One of those days where the second I got out of bed- everything was exhasperating. The dog barking at me on my run. Like, attack dog barking at me.  Taking a shower. Ugh, do I really have to wash my hair again?!  My to-do list at work. Check. Check. Check, again. My to-do list after work. Still waiting for that trash fairy to come.

But- the best part of my day is playing with my little Maizy girl. And soaking in the quiet of my house- because I needed it tonight more than ever.

Some days, you just need to be alone with your thoughts.

 I think that's why I've really enjoyed the swimming portion of the triathlon training I've done the past month.  No crowded trails to contend with, no ipod music to fill the void.  Just silence, breathing in and out, being perfectly in tune with my body.

Oh, look!  The compete opposite of zen, peace, silence & being in tune with my body- my nemesis, bike riding.

Biking right now exhausts me; it wears me out. Every night I find myself with a heating pad or ice pack on another body part buckling under the intensity of pedaling miles on end.

If swimming = peace and silence...

Biking = a rock concert.  A noisy, obnoxious rock concert.

But I will keep biking, mark my words.

Because as great- as necessary - as a silent, peaceful day can be...

Life's no fun without a little noise.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another Week In The Life

Ah, weekends.

A time to relax, do chores, catch up on all of the life we put on hold during the week.

And a time to go have drinks with friends at the bar to celebrate a long month of work!

Even dad made an appearance!  He was in Tulsa to do some projects around my house this weekend.  It's always fun to combine my worlds- my coworkers and family. In fact, most of the time- this little group is family to me!  Fun times had by all.

I'm sure when I look back on my 20's, I'll remember these kinds of weekends- where I get to hang out with my dad and drink with friends, then lay on the couch for hours on end with nothing more pressing than a bike ride or run calling my name.

I'm starting to think about that a lot- since I'm in my "late 20's." Things I want to do before I'm 30- but mostly, just reflecting on what my 20's have been- and are- all about. 

It's so rewarding- and humbling- to look around at the little life I've built, that everyone in my life has shaped, that God has blessed me with. From graduating college to seeing the world with new eyes while traveling abroad, to starting- and continuing to shape- my career, to falling in love and heartbreak. Buying my first home, making tough decisions, being responsible for everything from paying bills to cleaning the litter box. 

Yeah, my 20's have been good. Weekends like this one remind me just how good.  And it's so incredible that God knows me better than I could ever know myself- and I've had just the right amount of ups and downs to make me appreciate every bit of it!

So here's to just another regular, average, nothing-but-average week in my 20's!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Pie-oneer Woman Post

Ok, it's here... the post ya'll have been waiting for.

Did I just say ya'll?  I sure did, ya'll... it must be that country air rubbing off on me.

What country air, you ask?

THIS country air!  The beautiful, sweeping Oklahoma plains of Pawhuska, Oklahoma.  The historic lands of Osage County.

The home of the one and only Pioneer Woman!

I was THRILLED last week when I found out I won a coveted spot at the day-long pie workshop, hosted at The Lodge- you know, the one we see in her blog... the one you can see Saturday mornings on her Food Network show.  The PIONEER WOMAN, people!

It only seemed right to bring my mom as my guest; she has fixed dozens of Pioneer Woman recipes- from salsa to egg-in-the-whole, olive cheese bread to iced coffee.  Plus, she and PW have a bond- the whole four kids thing.  And, well, she's fun company!

We mixed our dough and perfected our crusts....

We purused a bountiful table full of ingredients for our pie fillings.... 

And wa-la!  A pie is born.

You PW faithful know about this loyal companion- the one and only Charlie.  We were starstruck!

But he probably found the biggest fan in mom; he curled up next to her on the couch after what we're sure was a busy day as a ranch dog!

Our pies were baked, cooled and sent home with us in fancy pie dishes- courtesy of PW!

The three redheads!  And my favorite part- Ree weilding a very large knife in her hands for our picture.

I can't even describe how much fun we had!  We met fun new friends, baked everything from pies to pizzas to tarts to quiches to pot pies- and most of all, enjoyed spending a day with someone we all love and admire- The Pioneer Woman!

I was so glad to have this experience with my mom- one we'll surely remember for a LONG time!

To see Ree's post on this memorable occasion, check out Good Friends, Good Pie.

To my loved ones:  yes, I can make pie! 

To my family: yes, I'll revive the recipe for Thanksgiving!

To my coworkers: no, you don't get pie every week.

To my future husband:  YOU get pie.  Always.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This is one of those weeks where I am constantly wondering what day it is. Ever have those weeks? I spent half of today thinking it was Monday, the other half convinced it was Wednesday. Weird.  I think the sprint triathlon threw off my rhythm a bit; it's like I crossed the finished line... fell into a deep sleep all day... and woke up four years later.

Huh. Where will we all be in four years?  I love to play this game at work, when we're trapped in the studio for hours on end. My coworkers love this game and are always completely willing to play it with me.

Yes, that's sarcasm you're reading.

Today I've done a lot of thinking about work; not just for my company, but work in general. Teachers going back to school this week, moms who work 24/7, single gals like myself or married couples making ends meet.

I read an article today talking about lack of fear in the work place- and it really resonated with me. I love the concept that being open with one another, sharing our dreams and fears, really makes us more accountable to each other and to our roles in the office.

The article notes that we should be able to share our biggest concerns with each other, celebrate our biggest accomplishments. Find that healthy balance of letting each other into our personal spaces and drawing lines where we need space.

Space; a concept completely lost on my coworkers.

I kid!  But, seriously... try locking yourself in an enclosed space with your coworkers for 10 hours.

I think we can apply that concept to a lot of areas in life; that openness and willingness to communicate, to share. It adds a layer of respect and trust; a strong foundation to any relationship- whether it's partner, family member, friend or coworker.

In this spirit of sharing and openness, I will promptly arrive at the studio tomorrow morning at 6am sharp and ask everyone where they see themselves four years from now. 

Space is overrated.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

From Pies to Tris

Wow... what a weekend.

I have SO much to tell you guys about- like, um HELLO The Pioneer Woman pie workshop!- but I want to wait a few days on that post.  Because it will be a doozy.

Today's big news?  The Sprint Triathlon!

My friend Stephen took home the coveted beer mug since he came in 3rd in his age group!  Impressive, huh?

I didn't take home a beer mug... but I certainly came away with a huge sense of accomplishment!  It was one of the hardest physical tests I've ever been through- and I feel totally OK patting myself on the back for even finishing it!

The swim proved to be easier than ever; by the time I jumped in the pool, I was feeling calm & ready to go.  I swam at a steady pace the whole way through and felt really good as I waded my way out of the pool...

... and onto "the hilly bike course from hell."  My official name for it.  If I was questioning what my weakest area is- it's totally biking.  And this course was non-stop hills. On a highway.  That definitely slowed me down a bit- but the parts of Claremore, OK I saw during the bike portion were gorgeous!  What a great little town. From there, I jetted off to the run portion....

....where my intense hour on the bike caught up with me.  Not my best-ever run, but definitely a solid performance overall!  One hour, 38 minutes of extreme physical activity.

WHEW!  At this moment in time, I'm actually considering doing a second one- just to see if I can improve my time a bit.

But don't hold me to it- it may just be the exhaustion speaking. :)

I'll tell you one thing- there's something to be said about putting yourself through an extreme challenge like this. Training for this sprint tri has made me feel physically healthier overall than I have in years.

And on a mental level- and even a spiritual one, at that- it's pretty incredible to spend an hour and a half in your own head.  With cell phones and laptops and people and work constantly needing attention- it's cathartic to turn it all off for a while and spend some time with your own thoughts; praying, motivating yourself, playing into your strengths, bargaining with your weaknesses.

If I keep writing this post, I will definitely talk myself into doing another one of these. 

Thanks for all the well wishes, congratulations & cheer leading!  I'm thankful & proud tonight- and all of you are a part of that!

And co-workers... yes, I'm wearing my medal to work.  But I'm also bringing Pie-oneer Woman Pie! So you'll just have to deal with it.  :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Pie-athlon Weekend

Happy Friday, friends! Hope everyone made it through the week in one piece. A few headaches here & there, but nothing major to report on my end.

Oh, wait a minute! Yes, a LOT of major things to report.

Let's start with an update on this little precious nugget:

Isn't she pretty?! She's always had such big, pretty eyes. Maizy's surgery went very well- and after three traumatic days away from home (not so traumatic; Maizy loves adventures) she is back home, well rested and down a few claws.

In some exciting news... guess who I get to hang out with tomorrow?

... YES! The Pioneer Woman! I was picked to go hang out at the ranch for the day and take a pie workshop at the Pioneer Woman's lodge! My mom is going with me- and we are SO EXCITED. I will take lots of pictures and report back on the whole thing next week!

And finally... it's here. The thing I've talked about non-stop at work, to my friends and family, on Facebook, Twitter & my blog; the sprint triathlon.

Sunday I will swim 400 meters relay-style; I will bike 12 miles; and I will run 2 miles. Back to back. Crazy? Yes. But in all honesty, I've been feeling better than ever lately. I feel so healthy, like I can tackle anything! I even have myself convinced I'm relatively "sporty." What's next?! Camping?!

Nah. Give me an ocean to swim, giant hills to bike, miles to run. I'll take that over spiders any day.

So, there you have it! My weekend in a nutshell- I'm fondly referring to as the "pie-athlon" weekend. Pie on Saturday, Tri on Sunday.

I'll have an update on all of it next week- but if you don't hear from me for a few days, don't send out a search party.

I'm either in a pie coma... or passed out from exhaustion. :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This week, I've been thinking a lot about strength. I read about it every day on some of my favorite blogs- people dealing with illnesses, people raising kids, people inventing new careers and lives for themselves. The strength to speak up, to write, to invest in their future.

I see it on the news- people coming out of retirement to talk a confused young man off of a radio tower where he spent 6 days without food and water. The strength to have patience and care for someone who everyone else has given up on.

I see it in my family & friends lives- the strength to send babies off to college, to transition a baby from a crib to a big boy bed, the strength to make choices that everyone may not agree with, but are right for you.

Strength. I've thought a lot about it the past few days with Maizy gone for her surgery. The quiet lonliness of my house reminded me of those days, months last fall when the silence in my apartment in the aftermath of my own personal war seemed suffocating.

As I train for Sunday's triathlon, I feel so strong. I push myself another mile because I think you're strong enough. Every step I take, mile I pedal, meter I swim, I am thankful for the strengh that's there- not just physically, though goodness knows I feel stronger physically than ever.

It's the inner strength I've discovered- fed by family, genuine friendships & faith that moves mountains- it's the inner strength I've discovered this year that makes me feel happier & healthier than ever.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Maizy's Adventure

Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend. I definitely had a very restful weekend! Much needed. I did a lot of laundry... cleaned the house... took a nap... and trained, trained, trained for next weekend's triathlon!

I also got some VERY exciting news... so look for a blog post this week about that. :)

But tonight's post is all about this little baby-girl-angel-sweet-love.

My littlest girl has surgery tomorrow! I know she's in great hands with our vet- but I sure am sad to know she won't be cuddled up with me the next few nights. Home just won't feel the same without her boundless energy!

I love this tiny picture of her in the window of my room at my parents' house.

She is the QUEEN of socks! Maizy loves socks more than anything in life. Well, green beans might come in a close second. She's pretty obsessed with those.

And tuna. And any food, for that matter. And cords. And computers.

Maizy is... passionate?... about a lot of things in life. :)

That's why the house will feel so empty without her this week. I hope Wednesday comes fast!

Here are a few other things to anticipate on the blog this week:

-A very fun Saturday I can't wait to share with you!
-Triathlon training for Sunday's race!
-My first ever video blog. Be kind.

Have a great week everyone- and keep my Maizy in your prayers!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Writing, Editing & A Word I Don't Often Use

A week ago tonight, this was my view. I was sitting on the patio at Roy's in San Diego, enjoying a ginger pear martini, watching the sunset.

San Diego, I miss you! So much. And I still want to live there.

But life in Tulsa has sucked me back in. In a wonderful way, of course; with it's blazing heat one moment. Violent storms the next. My cozy house, my familiar running trail, my wild kitten, my favorite friends and challenging job. Yeah, life is good here.

So my dreams of packing it all up and getting on a plane to the West Coast have momentarily been put on hold. But the spark has been ignitied; that's a post for another day.

Because- great news! Today's post is about writing and editing.

Oh, come on! I can hear your groans and sighs from here. Hang with me.

I'm finally sorting through my notes from the conference! Even as my suitcase still sits on my bedroom floor. Priorities, people.

One of my favorite sessions at BlogHer was on writing and editing in a blog post. I tend to be a rather... verbose?... writer, so I always love hearing people's thoughts on the correct usage of grammar, how long a post should be, who to target, etc.

Some of my favorite "lessons" I took away:

*People notice your grammar & writing before your message -Jane Goodwin
*Knowing your audience helps your "voice" -KT Braford
*Don't be afraid to write a sh***y first draft -KT Bradford

See, I'm already debating the impact of writing sh***y versus just spelling it out. Because this is a writing and editing post, after all. And you will only take this word away from my post. Because my writing comes before my message. And who is my audience again?!

Still with me?

This seminar touched on several of my biggest insecurities as a writer that had little to do with grammer and wording- and more to do with message and audience. I'm a good "on command" writer; my profession has made me so. Newscasts, you got it. Promo scripts? Give me five minutes. Live producing? I make content decisions in a split second.

With my blog, it's harder. The content is there- but how to I say it? Is it too deep? Is it too fluffy? What do people respond to the best? Should I write more along those lines? And now am I letting my audience dictate my content? Scratch it all, rewrite it. Or just go to bed.

And then we're back at square one.

All this to say, I loved this seminar. And I took away some amazing tips. I realized my "voice" is a work in progress. My writing needs improvement in some areas and toning down in others. But my message, my audience- that depends on me.

You might get some deep, impacting, beautifully-written posts out of this blog one day... and you-know-what the next.

My challenge to myself coming away from that seminar is to write, write, write. Spend less time debating, worrying and wondering- and more time putting the words out there.

And I am less inclined to wow you guys every day with mind boggling posts (read: put pressure on myself to only publish mind-boggling posts) and more inclined to just write because I like to- shitty first drafts and all.

Yes, I wrote it. Because as Jane Goodwin so eloquently re-quoted Lucille Ball as saying, "Don't trust anyone who doesn't say the word shit."

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Life Blog

Hello, friends!

So, it's been a crazy week, to say the least. But can I just say how incredibly much I LOVE San Diego?! I had such a great trip- one of those trips where you just remember every little detail because you loved it so much.

The BlogHer conference was better than I thought it would be! It's not that I had low expectations; I just went into it a little nervous, a little apprehensive. I am the center of attention when it comes to my friends & family- but strangers? I tend to be verrrry shy.

But I knew I'd get out of it what I put into it, and that's why it ended up being SUCH a great experience. I met some great people, got out of my comfort zone a bit and attended some really fabulous sessions. My favorite sessions were probably editing & grammar... and video blogging. Oh yes, "vlogging." I plan to make my debut "vlog" this weekend! So expect to see that coming soon to a theater- ok, starting small- YouTube channel near you.

On top of that, it was a fantastic girls trip. My mom & sister & I spent more time laughing then I can ever remember- from our sweet Grand Marquis aka "G-Money" ride to turning my sister into every Barbie possible (scared barbie! train barbie! drunk barbie!) We walked beautiful beaches, ate seafood 24/7, and had a few too many drinks every night.

In other words, a highly successful girls trip. :)

Meanwhile, Miss Maizy spent the weekend with her uncles and grandpa. She was spoiled, for sure! We made it home late Sunday night and the week started with a bang.

Literally. We have had some massive storms around here lately- much needed to quelch the Oklahoma fires- but impressively loud & visual storms.

In the meantime, I've been playing catch-up at work, catch-up at life, and training for that looming Sprint Triathlon.

In short- I'd love a vacation! :)

Just a quick update to let everyone know that I haven't disappeared. In fact- I'm more committed than ever to this little old blog of mine. There's something invigorating about seeing 3,600 people who ALL have their own blogs, their own causes, their own voices.

It reminds me why I started Lindsay's Lounge- how important this creative outlet is for me. And how much I'd love to see it grow and succeed and become my own little community, my safe place to share thoughts and connect with all the "you's" out there who stop in every now & then to see what's what.

I've always struggled with the "identity" of my blog; who my audience is, what my "theme" is, how it all makes sense in the grand scheme of things.

And in San Diego it became crystal clear. People asked what my blog was about, and I would say "oh, my day-to-day life, my triumphs & struggles, working out, planning parties, figuring out-" and every time, I'd get cut off by their knowing nod and their assessment: "Oh, a life blog. That's great!"

So there you have it, folks. Yes, this is a life blog. My life blog. And I can't wait to keep sharing "life" with all of you here at Lindsay's Lounge.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

San Diego, Day #1

Well, we're here! Beautiful San Diego. Mom, Ali & I arrived this morning after a smooth flight and immediately started... drinking. Kidding! Well, sort of. :) We started exploring San Diego.

We ate lunch in Seaport Village- gorgeous view!

A quick temperature check. A lovely 30 degrees cooler than Oklahoma!

The view from our hotel room. Yes, be jealous.

... and our view of the bay at dinner!

This was one of many drinks we had today. The total count (for me) included: 1 bloody mary. 1 mojito. 2 glasses of wine. 1 ginger-pear martini.

Hey, it's vacation!

Day #1! That's a wrap. SO looking forward to Day #2- the first official day of the BlogHer conference!

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