Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hopes & Wishes

I wrote this post yesterday, but it wouldn't post! So now you can enjoy it today. :) Happy Wednesday!

I've decided life isn't going to get *less* busy.... so I may as well just tote my laptop with me wherever I go! I can bank-on-the-go.... checklist-on-the-go.... and naturally, blog-on-the-go!

So today, I'm at the car shop getting two new front tires for my car. This comes after getting two new back tires about a month ago, along with new brake pads.

And, what the heck. I threw in an oil change today, too. Because... at this point... why not?!

I know I sometimes blog about this whole "being an adult" thing. Sometimes, it's so wonderful and glorious.

Here are times I love being an adult:
-when my house is clean
-when a meal is cooking in the crock pot, and I think: yay! I'm domestic!
-when I have "people over"
-when my lawn is mowed
-when my car gets washed
-when I get a paycheck

Here are times I loathe being an adult:
-when my house is messy
-when I only have Healthy Choice meals in the freezer
-when I stress about having "people over"
-when my lawn looks like a raggedy mess and there's a giant tree limb covering my backyard
-when my car needs four new tires, new brake pads and an oil change
-when my paycheck goes to cleaning, groceries, lawn and car care

I know, I know. We all have our "lists." Being an adult is just a mixed bag of fun and freedom.... and rules and responsibilities.

But then I think- what a blessing it all is! That house, that paycheck. Even that tree limb. It's all just life, and it's worth embracing every second, every day.

And sometimes, in the midst of all of this "adult" business- we can have our child-like hopes and wishes, too.

I'm pretty sure that magic fairy is on her way right now to remove the tree limb from my backyard.

Hopes and wishes, right?

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