Tuesday, November 6, 2012

October In Pictures

October was a busy month! I was out of town about as much as I was in town.
I met up with (most of) my family in Norman for Homecoming. I'm not sure why, but I love this picture of my sister and I. I sort of think it describes us perfectly! We're probably concerned about the grass at the moment. Always concerned.

But always ready to smile!

My friend Lauren at I at our 10 year high school reunion! Time flies! SO thankful for friends who I still love and cherish 10 years later. (That includes a few favorites who couldn't make it to the reunion!)

I love this picture. First of all- that pillow! My favorite. Second, Maizy. She is so big and sassy these days. Her face says it all.

My friend Micah and I tried out a new bar Friday night- Valkyrie. SO good! This chalkboard was full of weird, amazing drinks. Micah and I decided we will visit once a month to try new drinks on the board.

Her mint julep (left), my Final Ward. My drink was bourbon... a maraschino cherry... and that's all I can remember. GOOD.

Maizy, again. Her favorite blanket, her favorite toy. Again with the attitude. This girl loves pictures.

The Churchill Room, White Lion. It's a British pub here in town- and you have to reserve The Churchill Room. Which we did. It was lovely. We ate dinner (chicken & mushroom pot pie, known here as The Devonshire) followed by a few blissful hours in cozy chairs, drinking wine.
I'm trying to take more pictures these days... but I still have an iPhone with NO flash. Can you believe it? :)

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