Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Update!

Hi friends! It's been a few weeks since my last post- and what a busy few weeks it has been.

Sweeps at work. YIKES.

Little brother graduated from college. Tear.

More work.

Doing projects around the house.

Running & biking.

My first facial!

Did I mention work?

Now that sweeps is winding down, I'm getting into full-on summer mode. Planning lake trips with friends. A beach vacay with the family. A little break from Gamma Phi volunteer projects. Justifying frozen yogurt multiple nights in a row.

Ah, sweet summer. What used to be my least favorite season, now in the top two!

I don't have much more to report, except that I'm still here!

So with that, I'll leave you with my MAY TOP 3 list.

1) Favorite recipe: Korean Beef & Kale. I'm eating tonight, you should too. 
2) Favorite song: Come & Get It
3) Favorite book: Divergent series. Just finished book 2, have to wait until OCTOBER for book 3.

Have a great Sunday evening!
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