Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Routine (And Joy) of Writing

Well, here we are! November 1st.

I can't believe how quickly October flew by. In fact, I can't believe it's been over a week since my last blog post! I spent the last two weeks in a vicious cycle that went like this:

4:45am alarm. Work at 6am. Coffee, coffee, coffee. Produce. More coffee. Meeting. Switch to Pepsi. Lunch! Meeting. Eyes Cross. Home. Work out (sometimes). Crash into bed.

Yes, two weeks of that. 

What bugs me the most isn't the insane number of work hours; in fact, I'm thankful for my job so very much.

What bugs me is when I let my crazy schedule dictate life.

I have learned that when I am not on my schedule, I am not an entirely happy person.

I need to work out every day. I need to have quiet time every day. I need to spend time with my cat and absorb my house and have cocktails with my best friend and visit my family on the weekend.  I need to write- whether it's in my journal or on my blog. On top of work and paying bills and life- I need all of those things, in big doses or small, to keep a steady grasp on who I am.

That's why we're spending some extra time outside this week.

That's why I was awake 20 hours on Saturday- to work, then drive 4 hours to spend time with my family and go to a wedding with one of my best friends.

That's why I am contemplating buying a brand "new to me" bike.

And that's why I'm participating in this month's NaBloPoMo challenge.

Nablowhaaat, you say?

Remember the conference I went to in San Diego this year? BlogHer? NaBloPoMo is a monthly writing challenge the organization sponsors that gives a daily writing prompt... and off we-the-bloggers go to write our hearts away. Every day. For an entire month.

A weighty challenge, yes, but one I'm ready for.

Today's prompt: What is your favorite part about writing?

I think my answer is clear; it reminds me who I am. Just like all of the things I need- running, worshiping, laughter, family, friends- writing is an integral part of who I am. It allows me to see things about myself I don't see when I look in the mirror. It allows me to say things I don't get to speak out loud. It's a running conversation with myself about life; and I need it to keep being who I am.

So join me on this month-long journey! I'll have a new post every day. And as I get into this blogging routine- I'll be working on setting a few other routines back into motion, too.

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