Monday, November 7, 2011


Oy. The state of Oklahoma is really putting me through the ringer right now.

We started the year with "Snowmageddon"; record-breaking snowfall.

We had a spring full of nasty tornado scares.

The summer was a scorcher, with record-breaking temperatures well above 110 degrees.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, we are breaking records with our earthquakes.

We have had three earthquakes of noticeable size... in the past 4 days.

Three earthquakes, you ask? Why yes. Because we just had another 4.7 earthquake a half an hour ago.

Did I mention we're also currently under a tornado watch?

So, oy. That's all I can say.

But to distract myself from the current weather drama- I have an announcement!

I am officially entering week 2 of my 30-days-of-blogging challenge!

I'm finding out a lot about my writing style, my blog, even myself through this entire process.

Today, I read this post by Joy The Baker about doing what you love, including blogging. Write what you love. Don't worry about the followers, the fame. Just do it because you love it. Such wonderful words to live by in every area of life, don't you think? Especially during this blog challenge.

I also read this article on BlogHer comparing our daily blogging to training for a marathon: you don't just wake up one day and decide to run 26.2 miles. You have to train! It takes patience, a break every now and then (hello, picture posts! They're coming!) and the support of other runners- er, bloggers.

These two articles really inspired me today. I think that's my favorite part about this challenge; I feel more observant in the things I experience (hello, earthquakes?!) the articles I read, the pictures I come across- it's all inspiration for my blog posts. In a way, I feel like my writing is more intentional.

So, here we go, week 2! The finish line is still a ways off- so I'm pacing myself. The road is tough; the earth trembles under my feet (ha!). But I'll finish strong!

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