Friday, November 18, 2011

Eluding the Pre-Dawn Funk

Have I mentioned once or twice this week that my alarm went off at 4:45am EVERY MORNING the past five days?

No? Well, it did.

There's something about being at work when it's still dark outside that can unmotivate the most motivated of people. I consider myself fairly motivated; but when the coffee is gone by 7am, you know it's going to be a long day.

I came across this article by Michael Hyatt on "getting out of your funk" around mid-week this week; perfect timing, as I was starting to feel the early mornings and long hours.

It was time for a seventh inning stretch.

He wrote about a particular time he was in a major funk- and how he got out of it. He started his post by quoting Tony Robbins who said, "Emotion is created by motion."

Michael went on to say that changing our emotional state- being in "funk" so to speak- can begin by changing our physiology. He suggests putting on some upbeat music, taking deep breaths, positive thinking, and my personal weapon of choice- going for a run.

We all get into those funks that just seem to drag on and on. And I certainly have my fair share of those when I'm working before the sun comes up. It's hard to feel inspired & productive when you're tired and feeling sorry for yourself. Or bitter that your co-workers are just arriving when you've been at it for 5 hours already.

Enjoy your 9am cup of coffee! I'm ready for lunch.

But it really confirms my belief that starting the day on the "right" foot (for me, quiet time & exercise) is key; and that we all have the power to change a bad day- it's never too late. Even if that work-out and quiet time (or deep breathing or rap music or whatever your weapon of choice may be) happens right before you go to bed.

Next time I'm in a pre-dawn funk, I'll try to remember this blog post.

Or I'll just pour another cup of coffee and drown my sorrows. :)


  1. OMG - it's been a long week for me too and I TOTALLY made a comment about knowing it was going to be a long day when my coffee was gone by 7:30am. Know what I did to overcome this issue? I packed TWO travel mugs of coffee both Thursday and today. I'm not proud, but it got me through the day and week. Thanks for sharing the article. I definitely need to regroup and make exercise a priority. That's the key to success for me, but I've been slacking in the last week or so.

    Good luck to you and snapping out of a funk. On the positive? Next week is a short week! Have a fab weekend!

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment, Savannah! I'm glad someone else out there feels those long days and occasional funk! Already so much better (hello, weekend!) and you're right- short week next week!


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