Tuesday, November 15, 2011


CNN wrote an article on a study last week that came to this conclusion:

"... attending religious services regularly can mean a more optimistic, less depressed, and less cynical outlook on life."

Ya think?!

But in all honesty, I find this whole study very interesting- because it proves what I know to be true. I don't necessarily attend church every week- and that's mainly because I've had a bit of trouble landing on a "church home."

However I do incorporate daily devotionals and quiet time into my routine. I have blogged before how much of a difference that makes in my life. It's not perfect; we all have days where there just aren't enough hours in the day. But I try my hardest to make it a priority.

The past few days, my devotionals have focused on prayer- how we don't have to be perfect or be in a perfect moment in order to spend time with our Maker.

Totally true for me this week, in fact. My official "quiet times"will happen on a bright orange couch at 6:30am outside of my studio at work as I wait for my broadcast to begin. Odd? Yes. Imperfect? Yes. Works for me? Absolutely.

As I found myself having quiet time in that rather odd place at a particularly early hour this morning, my first thought was this: Lord, thank you for coffee.

HA. But my second thought was this: when did quiet time & prayer become a necessity, not just a nice way to start my day?

Because it is a necessity; it shapes my entire day.

And, according to CNN, The National Heart, Blood & Lung Institute, National Institutes of Health and (whew) US Department of Health and Human Services- it shapes my outlook on life, too.

I thought this statement was interesting:

"Optimism is about 'percieved control... positive expectations... empowerment... a fighting spirit, lack of helplessness- those are general definitions."

While I wouldn't necessarily say all of those points are true (my co-workers might argue the "perceived control" bit on my end)- I do love a few of the key phrases: a fighting spirit. Lack of helplessness.

Because we gain those from a relationship with the Lord. We are optimistic because we know where our eternity lies. We have a fighting spirit because we have so many blessings to fight for. We aren't helpless, because we have a savior.

I'm optimistic tomorrow will be a good day; and it's not because I'll produce an amazing broadcast or I'll go to a fun lunch meeting or have dinner with a dear friend. All of these things make me joyful to the core;

I'll be optimistic because I'll start the day with a cup of coffee on a bright orange couch, studio lights blazing behind me, and a few quiet moments in prayer- however unconventional it may be. 

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