Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Goodbye Fall, Hello Bailey's

Halfway through the week- and halfway through my blog-for-a-month challenge!  Feeling good and strong as I head into the final 15 days (ha)- and throughout this entire process, I've kept a list of things I'm learning by blogging every day.

So, tune in for my thoughts December 1st. :)

How's that for a tease! Such a TV girl; "tune in" is a phrase I write or hear about 18 million times a day!

Fall is coming to a close. Yes, it's sad and true. I wanted to grab a picture of my house before the cold snap(s) begin- and I just love this shot. My big tree out front is the sunniest yellow- and the smaller tree in my planter stays this vibrant red for just a short week- the week before the weather turns seriously cold.

Isn't nature amazing like that?!

Of course I'm sad to see fall go, but I'm thrilled about winter, too. Yes, I said it. I'm ready for cold nights, hot chocolate, a (small) round of snow, lots of couch-cuddle time, and Bailey's.

The Oklahoma Housewife (aka my best friend Heather) made me a fan of Bailey's some years ago, and I've been a believer ever since. In fact during last year's snow storm, I partook in a daily round of Bailey's-n'-coffee... and I made this delicious Bailey's ice cream.

So when I stumbled across this adorable table setting from The Sweetest Occasion featuring a DIY table runner, votive holders and vases, covered books, and- you guessed it- Bailey's, I was sold.

With holiday happy hours right around the corner, I think I will recreate this very setting in my kitchen this weekend- to prep for the parties, of course. Bailey's included.

The Sweetest Occasion for Baileys Friendsgiving - DIY Centerpiece from Cyd Converse on Vimeo.

Temperatures are dropping to the low 20s here tonight; here's to something warm to drink!

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