Friday, November 11, 2011

No Today, Yes Tomorrow

A few weeks ago, I said no to something I really wanted to say yes to.

That big something? A beautiful, new-to-me bike.

It was the hardest decision I've had to make in a while (yeah, I know, not much to complain about, huh?) and I was really torn about what to do.

Ultimately? It came down to money.

It was certainly an investment- and one I could afford to make, with the help of a generous payment plan offer.

But after a lot of wavering and praying and thinking and a glorious "test drive"... I had to say no.

And now, a few weeks later, I'm thankful that is the decision I made.

Instead, I've been able to purchase/invest in several smaller scale things that have been piling up on my want/need list- and that makes me feel really good about my decision.

In turn, I feel like another bike opportunity- maybe the same one?- will pop up when it's the right time, and I will feel really good about making that investment.

When I read this BlogHer article by Linda Hunt- part of The Money Conversation- it totally resonated with me.

Making a big commitment- whether it's a purchase or an investment of time- is something worth doing some serious thinking and praying about. Sometimes the answer isn't clear- but I find that if I let something rattle around in my head for a few days, push back against my people-pleasing nature to "make a decision" (and one that makes the other person happy, usually)- I'm able to clearly see if it's right or wrong for me.

I especially like her "Money Muscle Strengthener" Tactics:

1) Find a quiet place, focus on your tailbone & take a few deep breaths
2) Think about what you were asked to do and your answer
3) Identify where you feel that in your body and describe to yourself how it makes you feel
4) That is your answer

The great bike debate is just a small example of this- but it's a bigger picture thing.  I want to always be committed to projects that feel right. I want to make decisions that I can live with, that make me feel good about myself- whether it's matters of finance or matters of principle or matters of the heart.

In a world where quick decisions are made every day, sometimes it's nice to sit back... reflect, weigh the pros and cons... and make the right decision instead.

That bike money turned into new-pair-of-jeans money and save-for-big-trip money and three-cocktails-at-dinner money... and it turned into peace of mind, too.

Now that I've made some smart decisions, followed my heart and listened to my gut- I'm ready to celebrate with a big-ticket purchase.

A new bike, perhaps?

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