Sunday, November 20, 2011

Simple Thanks

The week of Thanksgiving is finally here! Just two quick days of work, then Maizy and I will pack up the car and head to Plano, Texas to eat turkey with the family.

We have big plans this year. Church on Wednesday night for a special service (my dad will be playing guitar); Turkey Trot bright and early Thursday morning; of course, a delicious day of feasting and thankfulness; shopping and Breaking Dawn Friday.

If I have any say about it, there will also be about 15 games of Scrabble squeezed in there.

My mom has gotten really into "beading" this year- and she makes some pretty cute jewelry, I might add. A few months ago, she pulled out some of my nanny's (mom's mom) pearls- and this week, all of the girls in the family- my mom, sister, aunt & cousins- are going to make some new jewelry out of her pearls. Great idea, huh?

I can't wait to be surrounded by family, food and fun.

So much to be thankful for.

In the meantime, I enjoyed a low-key weekend. Lots of sleeping for this girl- early bed time both nights, napped yesterday afternoon, slept in this morning. I guess my body needs it after those early days last week.

Today, I cleaned my house top to bottom; there's nothing better than coming home, after spending a few days away, to a clean house. Plus, it will be ready for Christmas decorations next Sunday!

I also went for a swim (600m) in a pool as warm as bathwater. The Indoor Whole Person Sprint Triathlon is just two months away; training officially kicks into high gear!

I'm wrapping up this cold, lazy afternoon by tackling some scripts for a series of commercials for my client (wow, client- what a word!) with a chai tea latte in hand.

This post has no deep thoughts behind it today, no underlying message. No articles to reference, no pictures to discuss. Just a recap of my day, my weekend, and my thoughts on the week to come.

It's nice to put it all on paper, to look at all of the little and big things we do in a day.

So much to be thankful for- simple thanks.

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  1. We're headed to Plano too AND we'll be doing the Turkey Trot as well! (Although we're more going to be turkey strolling this year as running has been put on the backburner of late.) Maybe we'll see you there! Safe travels and enjoy your scrabble games!


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