Saturday, November 12, 2011

Running in the Fall

There's really nothing like fall in Oklahoma. It helps that fall is my favorite season, after all- but it's truly just gorgeous.

The trees are changing to bright reds and yellows and oranges. There are leaves everywhere. I think that's my favorite- running with piles of soft leaves crunching under my feet.

Soon it will be snow underfoot... and we can just hold off a few more months before that's the case, thankyouverymuch.

Gap Body has a whole line of amazing work-out clothes- this GapFit jacket being one of them. They have a ton of jackets to choose from- really cute fitted ones, pleated ones, warm-up pullovers, etc.- but I decided I love this one the most because it's rain/snow resistant (nylon) and has long sleeves that come out past your hand. I definitely need those, because my hands get so cold while running.

I need to elaborate on this, because this is detrimental to my work-out experience. When my hands are cold, I'm miserable and I cut my run short. But when I wear gloves, my hands get too hot and I am miserable. Really, the quality of my run all comes down to the temperature of my hands.

So, these sleeves are actually a huge part of my love for this jacket. You can extend them out over your hand... or roll them up. Ta-da!

And... a personal moment here... my nose runs a lot while running in cold weather, so I need long sleeves to, you know. Wipe my nose.

Aren't you glad you stopped by to read today!

I also really, really need this. The Garmin Forerunner 210. Track every minute of every mile- yes please, sign me up.

If the temperature could stay at a nice 45-55 degrees in the morning, that would be lovely. If the leaves could stay put and continue to crunch under my feet, that would be wonderful. And if I could figure out how to keep my hands not too hot and not too cold, I'd be the best runner in Tulsa.  (Ha!)

Speaking of leaves, I'm spending the next 24 hours in Arkansas, where I hear the leaves are changing beautifully.

So, until tomorrow!

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