Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Oomph

Tuesday is typically my hardest day of the week.

I do some extra praying during my morning quiet time; and often times I have to reward myself with something fun after work on Tuesdays to help motivate me throughout the day.

Tuesdays are full of meetings, always. Some of them are standing weekly meetings; others are impromptu. But Tuesday = official meeting-of-every-kind day.  I always need just a little extra oomph to get through Tuesdays.

Monday is a day to see all of your work friends, catch up on email, new shows on TV. I don't hate Monday.

Wednesday- we're halfway through the week!

And Thursday and Friday- well, you're basically on weekend time.

But Tuesday... Tuesday always requires a little deep breathing.  And a lot of praying. And some definite oomph.

Today, my extra oomph was the promise of a post-work run; a new book I've been waiting for; and a chai tea latte from Barnes & Nobles.

Pretty good oomph, huh?

And in the end, today turned out to be a great Tuesday. Many meetings came and went. I ran a new trail tonight in the cool, rainy air- which I love. And I picked up a new book, a chai tea latte- AND a chocolate chip cookie!

(Which I ended up throwing at a giant bug in my garage when I got home; I have bug issues, OK?!)

Sometimes Tuesday just surprises you and ends up being a great day!

What day of the week do you need a little extra oomph? What do you reward yourself with?

Just curious.

And if your extra oomph is a chocolate chip cookie- please hold onto it. Tightly. I'm really wishing mine wasn't on the garage floor right about now.


  1. Congrats on making it through another Tuesday. I think my struggle day is Wednesday. Not close enough to either weekend - winding down from last not too excited about the next yet. We always watch Modern Family on Wednesday nights, so at least I have that to look forward to. :)

  2. Wednesday is also my struggle day, maybe just a little stir crazy from being with Rebecca by myself for 3 straight days! I either plan a night out, whether it be a workout class or dinner with friends, as my reward! It works out bc by Wednesday night James wants some daddy time! Then its Thursday and the weekend is almost here!

    P.S. Sorry about your cookie!


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