Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Crayon Box

Today, I officially added a new color to my box of crayons.

The name?

"Social Media Savvy."

OK, a bit over the top. But let me explain.

I currently manage Facebook and Twitter for my company and our parent company. I also manage YouTube accounts for both. On the side, I manage FB & TW (Twitter, duh) for my freelance project.

And sometimes, when there's time, I like to Facebook and Tweet on my personal accounts, too.

WHEW! That's a lot of coloring.

Today, I merged all of those onto one fabulous platform, Hootsuite, for better management and efficiency.

And with that "stroke" of genius (go with the coloring theme) my life became ten times easier. I became not just good at social media, but social media savvy.

And it's a glorious color, let me tell you.

 I love social media; it's my one-stop-shop for news, interesting articles to read, Bible versus to reflect on, a chance to see what my friends are up to and an opportunity to network with my peers.

Don't worry; I think one-on-one communication is always the way to go. It's like the red crayon- always necessary in a box.

 But move over green, yellow and blue- social media savvy is the new primary color.

Not just according to me- but to Craig Leavitt, CEO of Kate Spade, as well.

Talk about color!

Kate Spade has always been a bright place- and their Facebook campaign is no different. They get it.

I found a few quotes from Mr. Leavitt especially insightful:

"In terms of investment, it’s in human resources. We have young people who live and breathe social media and are immersed in it every minute of every day. We allow them to lead and trust them in this space."

"The Kate Spade girl aspires to lead an interesting life — to engage in the arts and literature and travel and adventure. We talk about those things on social media because that’s who she is, and she wants to hear about what her peers are doing."

"I also think that [social media] is a unique space, and you have got to make sure the people who are most connected, the ones who access it every day, are empowered to be leaders in this environment. Often they are the youngest members of a team."

Isn't that great?! First of all, I love the "Kate Spade Girl"- who loves art and literature and travel and adventure. That's a great way to tackle social media; determining the "voice" behind the post/tweet.

I also love his thoughts on your social media savvy being the young members of a team- invested in all things web- but vitally important. It gives me confidence in what I'm doing on the social media sphere.

Being a producer once meant- very simply- putting together a show. You had an editor, a director, an audio director, a graphics department, talent, and a "web person" to help you out. That's what made your team, your box of crayons, so to speak.
Today, a producer needs to be able to do it all. I can't do all of it well; ask my colleagues about the videos I've "edited" I make them sit through.
I don't always stay in the lines; that's never been my style.
And I certainly know my strengths and weaknesses.
But I can edit. I can write. I can manage audio and help design graphics. I can switch a show. And now, I can add social media savvy to my box of crayons.
... Just don't ask me to host anything. Every box has its limits.

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