Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Six Feet Under

Hello from the frozen tundra of Oklahoma! We broke a few records here in the Sooner state yesterday- the most snowfall from one storm (first record) in the month of February (second record!)

It was a lot like Christmas morning. I went to bed with the sound of "thundersnow" outside my window (yes, it's real!) and ice pelting my window pane. And in the morning, I woke up to snow, snow, snow!

Finally, halfway through the day it eased up. 14 inches was the final total, with snow drifts up to 5 or 6 feet!

This is a glimpse out my front door. I have a cute little patio and a couple of steps... none of which you can see thanks to the snow! Just a frozen tundra of white.

And here's my backyard. I have to say- I absolutely love seeing my house covered in snow! It's so peaceful and cozy. And makes me very thankful to have shelter during weather like this!

Yesterday was eventful in a stuck-in-the-house kind of way. My only visiters were guys from Oklahoma Natural Gas. There's a faint smell of gas in my house, so they trekked here through the snow to investigate for any leaks.

There are none, thank goodness!

So, to celebrate, I made Bailey's snow ice cream.

Oh yeah.

A la The Pioneer Woman, here's the cast of characters: 1 cup of milk; a half teaspoon of vanilla; a half cup of sugar; and 4 or 5 cups of fresh, clean, fluffy snow.

And because I'm a rebel... and stuck inside all day... with the faint smell of gas lingering in the air... I added a shot of Bailey's.

The finished product! Would you judge me if I told you I ate this whole bowl yesterday?

Not saying I did or anything.

Everyone stay safe out there! Make a bowl of Bailey's (or regular) snow ice cream. Drink an extra cup of coffee. At least, that's my plan for the day! Along with shoveling my driveway...

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