Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011: A Year In Review

OK... I made a liar out of myself.

I was supposed to do a 2011 resolutions recap yesterday...  and begin by "12 Resolutions for 2012" today.

But life got in the way- a blah Monday, need I say more?- and everything got pushed back a day.

Today is a NEW day... and we're going to recap some resolutions from 2011!

As I said the other day, I am a believer that resolutions aren't meant to define us, or confine us, or make us feel like failures. It's just a healthy way to launch a new year with some great goals in mind. I was successful in many of my goals; and I am carrying a few of the important ones into 2012 with me.

Warning: This is a long post. There are many links. But it's a great "year-in-review"- so enjoy!

I'm sad to say I did not find a permanent church home this year. I attended numerous church services, but didn't quite find the right "fit." I'm discovering I might be a bit too picky on the church front; so I'm opening my heart a bit in 2012 with a full list of new churches to try out. (2012 spoiler alert!)

I am happy to say I did grow tremendously in my relationship with the Lord this year. I found a deeper peace & sense of joy this year than I've known in a long time. My dreams have new life, my fears have less weight. I could go on and on about this wonderful relationship- but I think if you've read my blog this year, the proof is in the pudding- er, writing.

I traveled to San Diego this year with my mom & sister in tow! We had a fantastic trip; just the vacation I needed. I also learned a lot, as I attended the BlogHer convention. Next year? A few more trips on the books! (2012 spoiler alert #2!)

While I did not run the Tulsa Run due to a conflict, I did reach my goal weight! 15 pounds lighter this year than last. Swimming, biking, running... oh my! Again, it's all in the blog, folks. :)

OH boy, did I follow through on this one. I was honored to produce a second variety show- "Show & Tell With Peter Bedgood"- in March. I produced an excellent event called "Tulsa Plus" in July. And I started a freelance project- "True Blue" in January. In fact, we are celebrating our one-year anniversary of teaming up in just a few weeks with the premiere of a show we've been working on all year! Details to come!

My financial goals are a continuous work in progress. I'm proud to say I re-started a 401K this year and I made several sound financial decisions.

No and No. But there's always next year...!

This will always be a priority. This year, I watched my youngest brother graduate high school. I took tequila shots with my dad & co-workers. I traveled with my mom & sister. I proudly watched my other brother anchor a sportscast every Friday night. Those are just a few highlights- but nothing matters more than the O'Donnell Six.

I've learned a lot about friendship in 2011. There were ups and downs, but as I get older- I worry less about how many friends I have and more about how many true friends are supporting me. Those are the people I will always give 100% to.

Check and check- and oh so proud! My edits might be... ahem, rough... but I can do it! I can splice, dice and make your videos look nice! (HA.)

This became less important to me as the year progressed; although I still find history fascinating and I'm always willing to learn more about writing technique, I find myself perfectly content to use Google. :)

Many parties were thrown in this house this year! Late-night brainstorm meetings over red wine, backyard cocktails in the Spring, pre-parties before big events. I am so thankful for this little piece of heaven I get to call home- and not just because it's a fantastic place to entertain!

I always strive to do this. If I can find it locally- or homemade- I'm all over it!

Ah, yes. Play the movie forward. It took me the first few months of 2011 to get going on this one. But finding Maizy, a nice date (or two), a slew of new projects and a lot of faith forced me forward. And now, I'm willingly going that direction.

Resolution #15: Hurry Up & Slow Down
Couldn't we all stand to do this more? I am ending the year with over 20 un-used vacation days! I am going to stay... this might be a carry-over resolution, in more ways than one!

There you have it! 2011- a great year in review. Join me tomorrow as I kick off my new resolutions for 2012!

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