Thursday, December 22, 2011

Adventure (Resolution #2)

I've noticed something as I get older.

Yeah, I know- 27 isn't exactly a ripe old age to reflect on lessons learned. But, here's what I know.

As I get older, my gut reflex is to be cautious.

I save extra spending money. I am careful with my heart. I weigh my adventures wisely and thoroughly. I think things through, make lists, analyze the pros and cons. I do a lot of praying- and even when every part of my being says "jump!"- my instinct is to stay on the shore.

It's nice and warm on the shore. And the drinks have umbrellas!

That's not to say I'm always cautious. I have been known to throw caution to the wind a time or two. In fact, I pride myself in following my gut & speaking my mind.

But what about adventure? What about dreaming big and living large?

In 2012, I want adventure. I have some bigger adventures planned; but I have a few very tangible, smaller adventures in mind, too.

And THAT brings me right back to my list of resolutions!

Resolution #2: Go Camping!

Yes, camping! I went as a girl scout. And I vividly remember camping in a friend's backyard at a birthday party once.

My dad came to pick me up halfway through the night.

And I do get scared of pitch black dark and bugs.

But! All these things aside, I want to go camping!
With my new "sporty" attitude in place (ahem) I think the idea of hiking, biking, pitching a tent and braving a night in the great outdoors sounds like just the exciting (and affordable!) adventure I'm after.

I've found a willing group. And we've scouted out a few desirable locations.
I'm in need of a tent (this North Face seems my speed)... and probably a new flashlight.

So let the camping commence!

(And let there be plenty of pre-cooked food!)

(And a bottle of wine or two!)

Adventure + the great outdoors. What could go wrong? :)

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