Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blog Challenge Recap

Two days without posting- and I've missed it!

After completing my 30 days of blogging challenge Wednesday (and thank you for all of the sweet notes!) I decided to take a couple of days "off." I didn't commit to how many days off, because I hate that- saying "I need approximately 5 days off from blogging starting now."

So after two days, here I am- back in action. Rested and ready to go!

Throughout this blog journey, I kept a running list of things I learned about the writing/blogging process as I went along. As competitive as I am (once I commit to something, I'm in, no matter what!) I also wanted to learn something, too- I wanted to become a better writer and blogger out of the whole experience.

I say writing and blogging because I think there's a tiny distinction between the two. More on that in a minute.

First, I want to share a quick "state of the union," so to speak. What's up in my world.

*I have yet to decorate for Christmas (today? tomorrow?)
*I am obsessed with Blueberry Tea Latte at QuickTrip
*I LOVE running in the cold, cold weather; bike riding is a different story!
*My late winter/spring is already shaping up with half marathons, projects, trips and showers... oh my!

A quick snapshot of my life at the moment. Now, onto those blog lessons!  Here's what I wrote down during the last 30 days of daily blogging:

-Blog before wine

-Daily blogging is more than just a recap of your day; it’s research & time commitment

-Adding value to other people’s lives- via articles, links, etc.- builds followers

-Engaging in other people’s blogs & lives builds followers

-Building followers is not the end goal

-I am a writer who blogs; this means, I want to write great content

-Sometimes you have no motivation; blog anyways

-Blogging is like doing a sprint tri: you have to put all of the pieces together before the big race

-Finding daily inspiration is key (exercising, reading, TV, prayer, etc.)

-Write for yourself, what interests you

-Writing a day/weekend recap is OK, too

There you have it! My running conversation with myself on daily blogging.

As you can see, I started this project thinking... I hope I gain more followers!

And I ended this project saying... I'm doing this for me.

More on that blogger vs. writer thing: To me, a writer is someone who puts together an educated piece on something. I could be fact or fiction- but there's an element of research to it. A blogger, to me, is someone who writes for herself, and who writes to commune with her followers, and who shares pieces of her thoughts and life with people.

Out of this experience, I felt the need to grow as both a writer and blogger. I want to write thought-provoking things, funny things, personal things. I want to share my passions with the world- whether that's through a well-crafted blog post or a simple picture.

I came to have such a huge appreciation for Lindsay's Lounge. This platform allows me to grow as a writer, a blogger- and a person, too. It's a megaphone for my life.

THANK YOU for reading and commenting and following! My dedication to this little piece of my world has never been greater.

Enjoy your day! I'm off to tackle those Christmas decorations...

or maybe just hunt down a Blueberry Tea Latte instead. :)


  1. To the best blogger I know! Your words are crafted beautifully and are filled with wisdom, inspiration, humor and love! Keep it up..
    Love, Mom

  2. Blogging is definitely an amazing and cathartic experience. After reading your post, it got me thinking about blogging versus writing. I think maybe I do writing with some blogging mixed in.:) Thanks for the reflection!


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