Monday, December 26, 2011

Surprises & Blessings

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!

This has been one of my favorite Christmases to date. I probably say that every year- but we have had such a great few days together as a family.

Six Flags with the siblings... candlelight Christmas Eve service... good food & wine... lots of games... gifts, of course.

One gift being...

.... a "new to me" bike!!

Yes, for those of you following... this was the bike I contemplated buying a few months back. The one I decided to "pass" on for the time being so I could save my moolah.

The bike everyone surprised me with!

I am beyond thankful and happy and excited! I took it for a test ride yesterday... and I can't wait to bring it back to Tulsa and start training for the next triathlon!

Of course Maizy hasn't had it too rough while we've been in Plano. She has had lots of play time with her grandparents, aunt and uncles, ribbons and bows and paper galore. Spoiled much? (Guess I'm one to talk!)

It's been so wonderful to have a few days of much needed down-time. I have eaten too much, laughed too hard and been as lazy as possible- and loved every second of it.

Tonight is our last night together on "Christmas break." (Pesky work!) We're going to see a movie, play another game or two and enjoy being together.

I'll continue my resolutions for 2012 this week; but for today, I'm fully living in the now!

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