Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Outdoor Entertainment (Resolution #3)

The countdown to 2012 is officially on! I somehow have been... tricked? coerced?... into entertaining a few people, so I will spend the next few days in house-prep mode. Cleaning, stocking, liquoring, decorating.

That's the best part about having a house; entertaining.

I've decided not to become particularly OCD about entertaining. (Shocking for me, I know.) A house is just floors and walls and paint; but a home is memories and warmth. This house had 65 years worth of memories before I moved in; who am I to bring that to an end? I love having my tiny house full to the brim with friends and family. Laughter. Good food. Wine.

Even when that wine- red, of course- ends up on my new burlap table runner that I adore.

Actually, when I think about it- I usually stop "entertaining" moments after guests arrive. I make sure they see the food and drink, I take their coat, I point them to the various wings of the house (ahem- Kitchen. Bedroom. Bathroom. The end!) and then we all just enjoy each other's company.

That's my favorite part- the enjoying.

This house lets me enjoy. I can curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee; take a nap in the guest room. I can dance in my kitchen and drink a glass of wine on my back porch.

Which brings me to resolution #3:

Spruce up my backyard and start a garden!

I've spent a lot of time working on my house this year... and in 2012, I'm taking it all outdoors.

New patio furniture. Extended deck? Vegetable garden in far left corner.

I'm taking inspiration from The Pioneer Woman's raised vegetable garden. Surely I can grow the necessary ingredients to make my own salsa?!

It may be a silly resolution- but one I'm going to try my hardest to tackle.

And in 2012, we'll enjoy each other's company outdoors!

A Cinco de Mayo party with fresh salsa... now that's a resolution I can stick to.

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