Thursday, August 4, 2011

San Diego, Day #1

Well, we're here! Beautiful San Diego. Mom, Ali & I arrived this morning after a smooth flight and immediately started... drinking. Kidding! Well, sort of. :) We started exploring San Diego.

We ate lunch in Seaport Village- gorgeous view!

A quick temperature check. A lovely 30 degrees cooler than Oklahoma!

The view from our hotel room. Yes, be jealous.

... and our view of the bay at dinner!

This was one of many drinks we had today. The total count (for me) included: 1 bloody mary. 1 mojito. 2 glasses of wine. 1 ginger-pear martini.

Hey, it's vacation!

Day #1! That's a wrap. SO looking forward to Day #2- the first official day of the BlogHer conference!

1 comment:

  1. Ooooh you're at BlogHer? I'm super jealous! Promise to report back all the wonderful things you learned and introduce us to all the fabulous women you met!


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