Sunday, August 21, 2011

From Pies to Tris

Wow... what a weekend.

I have SO much to tell you guys about- like, um HELLO The Pioneer Woman pie workshop!- but I want to wait a few days on that post.  Because it will be a doozy.

Today's big news?  The Sprint Triathlon!

My friend Stephen took home the coveted beer mug since he came in 3rd in his age group!  Impressive, huh?

I didn't take home a beer mug... but I certainly came away with a huge sense of accomplishment!  It was one of the hardest physical tests I've ever been through- and I feel totally OK patting myself on the back for even finishing it!

The swim proved to be easier than ever; by the time I jumped in the pool, I was feeling calm & ready to go.  I swam at a steady pace the whole way through and felt really good as I waded my way out of the pool...

... and onto "the hilly bike course from hell."  My official name for it.  If I was questioning what my weakest area is- it's totally biking.  And this course was non-stop hills. On a highway.  That definitely slowed me down a bit- but the parts of Claremore, OK I saw during the bike portion were gorgeous!  What a great little town. From there, I jetted off to the run portion....

....where my intense hour on the bike caught up with me.  Not my best-ever run, but definitely a solid performance overall!  One hour, 38 minutes of extreme physical activity.

WHEW!  At this moment in time, I'm actually considering doing a second one- just to see if I can improve my time a bit.

But don't hold me to it- it may just be the exhaustion speaking. :)

I'll tell you one thing- there's something to be said about putting yourself through an extreme challenge like this. Training for this sprint tri has made me feel physically healthier overall than I have in years.

And on a mental level- and even a spiritual one, at that- it's pretty incredible to spend an hour and a half in your own head.  With cell phones and laptops and people and work constantly needing attention- it's cathartic to turn it all off for a while and spend some time with your own thoughts; praying, motivating yourself, playing into your strengths, bargaining with your weaknesses.

If I keep writing this post, I will definitely talk myself into doing another one of these. 

Thanks for all the well wishes, congratulations & cheer leading!  I'm thankful & proud tonight- and all of you are a part of that!

And co-workers... yes, I'm wearing my medal to work.  But I'm also bringing Pie-oneer Woman Pie! So you'll just have to deal with it.  :)

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