Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011, Thanks For The Memories!

Happy New Year's Eve!

A part of me can't believe an entire year has come and gone. A year full of challenges and triumphs, growth & healing. And another part of me feels like just yesterday, I was ringing in 2011... a fresh start.

For someone who struggles with change like I do, I'm never nostalgic about New Year's Eve. I'm always ready to usher in a new year.

I guess some of it is knowing it's inevitable; a new year always comes at midnight on December 31st.

And a lot of that comes from a foundation rooted in faith; hope for the future.

My heart could burst today, this final day of 2011, with all of the blessings of the year.

I turned 27.

I adopted a sweet little nugget.

These people... my second family.

I fell in love with a sweet little nugget. 

I swam.

I traveled to San Diego.

It snowed.

I drank (lots of) wine with my best friend.

I watched my baby brother graduate high school.

I produced a variety show.

I baked pies with The Pioneer Woman.

I finished a sprint triathlon.

He turned two.

She turned one.

One year anniversary.

Freelance project.... that continues well into 2012.

What an incredible year!

Goodbye 2011; thanks for the memories.

2012- here we go!


  1. Loved your 2011 recap! Happy New Year my friend!

  2. It looks like 2011 was an amazing year; my wish for you is that 2012 is even better! Happy New Year!


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