Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Shopping Links

It has been cold, cold and colder in Tulsa lately!  So cold that it's hard to get out of bed in the morning, and I want to spend every spare second snuggled up under the covers or under a blanket.

Or drinking hot chocolate.

Basically, doing anything warm and nothing cold.
Like... running outside.  Or going outside, ever.

Which has made online shopping this Christmas such a huge success!

I wanted to share a few of my favorite websites where I made most, if not all, of my Christmas purchases this year.  I tried to go local, and if not local- then I tried to support a small business.  

If you're looking for any last minute gifts (don't stress; you still have 3 weeks!) then I would suggest clicking below and doing some browsing.

I dare you not to buy something for yourself in the process.  :)

For the ladies (and even gentlemen) in your life who love meaningful jewelry, you can't beat The Vintage Pearl.

For the loved ones in your life who love elegant, classy home decor- you must shop around Nest boutique in Dallas.

Speaking of home decor... I love Kim's designs.  She refurnishes and recovers old furniture using her specialty- burlap.  The result is a fabulous piece of vintage furniture with a new twist to suit your home.  Kim made this bench for me!  Visit Kim's blog to see her latest creations.

For all things hand-made, you can't beat Etsy.  (I'm still surprised by people who have never heard of Etsy!)  LOTS of fun goodies from Etsy this year.

And it's not too late to send out your Christmas cards!  I used Shutterfly this year- but I also want to recommend the lovely Cari at M.Press Cards.  She has created a number of things for me this year (remember Leah's bachelorette invitation?)

She also made another VERY cute something for me for Christmas that I can't wait to share... on December 26th, of course.  :)

Share your favorite online shopping spots!  We could all use a little last minute help!

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