Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Resolutions Day 4: A Challenge

Good morning!  Just a few more days until Christmas... I can hardly wait!  Work has seemed especially long and grueling this week.  A cruel way to make time crawl before I can load up the Volvo and head down Highway 75 to Dallas.  But!  Here we are, the last day of work!

As you all know, I've been doing a 15 day countdown to New Year's Day and blogging about a resolution for myself for 2011 each day.  

(Scroll down the page to read my first 3 resolutions.)

Today I will be posting two resolutions- one this morning and one tonight- because last night I had no time to blog.  

After a 10 hour work day and a 3 hour meeting for the variety show after work... I found myself eating dinner at 11:30pm.  

Not the finest hour to blog, in my opinion.

But the inspiration for resolution #4 actually comes from the variety show.  So, here we go:

Pursue commitments that challenge me.

I know this statement can be taken as somewhat vague- I mean, committing to roll out of bed on time every morning is a challenge in itself.

But let me explain.  I think it's easy to spend a lot of time in our comfort zones.  Doing what comes naturally and easy.  Surrounding ourselves with people "like us."  

One of the greatest things I've been challenged to do the past few months while working on the variety show is step outside of my comfort zone.  I'm surrounded by people I might not normally be friends with or even work with.  I'm challenged in an entirely new way.  

I can't really explain my commitment to the variety show- but it's fueling me.  It's giving me a new creative outlet- much like this blog- that makes 15 hour work days worth it.

I've learned that stepping outside of my comfort zone has made me more confident in who I am and what I believe in.  

So, I can only hope that I will continue to feel that passion, that desire to be challenged and step outside of my comfort zone, in 2011.

And I think the glory of this resolution is that this challenge may not always be huge or life-altering; it could be as small as saying yes to a date with a handsome stranger.

But, that's another resolution entirely.  :) 

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